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Indian skipper Virat Kohli is one of the fittest players in the cricket world. Kohli has always put extra importance on his fitness and has reaped fruits. In fact, Virat Kohli has been instrumental in putting the fitness regime in the Indian cricket. Furthermore, the fitness level of Virat Kohli has been an inspiration for cricketers around the globe. Thus, Kohli’s fitness has influenced Afghanistan players to work on their fitness.

Consequently, Afghanistan players have worked hard on their fitness. Thus, they have also borne fruits. They are the most improved side in the last five years and the way they have climbed up the tree in International cricket is commendable. The players have worked hard on their game.

Afghanistan, Rashid Khan
Rashid Khan has tried to follow Virat Kohli’s footsteps. Credits: AP

It has been a fairytale journey for Afghanistan.

“Fazal Azeem and Jason Douglas, our physio and strength and conditioning coach respectively, are working very hard on the team’s fitness, and over the last six months our fitness indeed has improved a lot,” the team manager said while talking to Indian Express.

Therefore, Afghanistan has been able to produce players like Rashid Khan who have taken the cricket world by storm. In fact, it was Rashid who first followed Virat Kohli’s footsteps of fitness.

“All the players have their idols. They follow them. Maybe, Rashid’s fitness process follows Virat’s, because Virat is a very fit cricketer. Rashid knows that. And I think it helps a lot (the trickle-down effect); when you come back (from the T20 leagues) and doing the hard work, and your teammates are watching you. So it really, directly influences the others to follow you,” the Afghanistan team manager Hamkar said.

Gubadin Naib. (Photo by Tharaka Basnayaka/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Afghanistan players have also undertaken the Yo-Yo Test and have done well in the fitness test. However, there are some players who are yet to achieve a desired level of fitness.

“Now, the minimum requirement has been raised to 17.3. But some guys, they are still improving. One or two guys we have who are less than 17.3, but they are improving and will touch the mark before the World Cup,” Hamkar said, adding: “Some players have crossed 18.”

Afghanistan has come off ages in their cricket and they have been superb. Therefore, they will like to keep improving their game.

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