People Blamed for Most Cricket Failures
People Blamed for Most Cricket Failures

Cricket is an exciting team game that is growing more and more popular these days. It has a long history with numerous interesting stories about sound victories and devastating failures. Life is never an easy route and games like cricket aren’t an exception. But while some failures make no difference and are forgotten after ten minutes, others change the direction of the match and lead to one final defeat.

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In general, cricket is a rather demanding game because it requires stamina, physical fitness, excellent coordination, communication skills, as well as trained eyesight. There might be many players but only the selected few enter big leagues, becoming known on a national or even international level. Latest cricket match scores can be easily accessed on different sport-related sites, but what’re the stories behind them? Every game has its own set of triumphs and failures.

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People Blamed for Most Cricket Failures

A rather unfair thing is that although two teams are engaged in a typical cricket game, only one side tends to take the blame for failures. Bowlers’ misfortunes are usually ignored because they aren’t score-changing. They have a chance to try again and again, and any failure is of a collective type. Strangely, no one really counts how many misses they’ve got. Batsmen, on the other hand, are an entirely different story.

If a batsman fails to hit the wicket, that’s it: he is dismissed until the roles are switched between the teams. It makes failure much more individual and, thus, personal. Everyone is going to remember that this specific batsman has failed to hit the target and stole a crucial opportunity to score more points for his or her team, which will haunt them for many months or even years to come.

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Stories of Cricket Losses That Damaged the Score Irrevocably

The consequences of decisive losses are dire. Chances of earning a good amount of money and recognition are damaged; furthermore, failures are always remembered and are vividly discussed in the press and on different talk forums. The cases when a failure has decided the fate of the match are particularly grating for players and their fans.

  • Indian 2018 failures. 2018 was clearly not a good year for the Indian cricket team. It lost both to Africa and England, and its misfortunes are still widely discussed. The fault, as the public consensus goes, lies with batsmen. They didn’t manage to hit the target repeatedly, and every failure affected their overall score abysmally. The reason for it lied in Indians’ unpreparedness in comparison to English players. Instead of learning their individual style, the Indian team relied on their general skills and lost.
  • New York school team loss. One of the matches in a local NY high school ended with a resounding defeat of one team. The interesting thing is that it all happened because of one single loss. A star-batsman was known for his amazing skills and precision, so his entire team relied on him. It was a wrong decision because it placed an unacceptable amount of responsibility on the shoulders of one single person. Despite his overall confidence, he cracked and missed the first hit. It was just one small failure at this point but it demoralized the rest of the team, they just kept failing, again and again, reaching an absurd degree. This way, one single failure determined the outcome. It also had even more negative consequences since that former star player refused to play cricket again, leaving the team entirely, too ashamed to return.
  • Idaho cricket loss. This is a common story that never loses its edge. In Idaho, during one of the cricket matches, tensions were high and the score kept changing drastically in favor of one team, then another, then back to the first one. Toward the end, the score was even. Nine batsmen were already dismissed and all depended on the last one. Sadly, he failed, and it settled the score once and for all. After such instance, it’s difficult to say whether it’s better to lose or preserve the hope till the last moment.
  • Yorkshire cricket match. In the match of one of the local clubs, the failure was practically imminent. The captain of one team got overconfident and decided to change players at the last second. Instead of taking those who showed the best results, he made his choice in favor of those he liked more on a personal level. They were amateurs and when playing for the batting side, ten players were dismissed in a row, one by one. Such failure affected the results tremendously, making the loss of a team even more degrading.
Failures in Cricket That Affected the Score Drastically: Who Is at Fault?
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Failures occur in every game and cricket isn’t an exception. But those that affect the final score are always remembered for a longer time. Players are easily discouraged in such cases and might even leave the sport entirely. It’s important to remember that all humans make mistakes and that infinite luck doesn’t exist.