Tim Paine
Tim Paine and wife Bonnie. Image-Fox Cricket

Tim Paine’s wife Bonnie has been left “frustrated” after the wicket-keeper’s ‘sexting’ scandal came into the public view, forcing him to relinquish his Australia Test captaincy with three weeks to go for the home Ashes.

Paine sent a former Cricket Tasmania colleague flirtatious messages and an explicit photo on the eve of the 2017 Ashes series. The complaint was filed in June 2018, after Tim Paine had been appointed as the Test skipper. He was then cleared of any misconduct in a 2018 integrity unit investigation, but the story re-emerged, and he felt no option but to resign as the Test skipper.

Bonnie has now come out in support of her husband, saying that the couple had dealt with the issue privately in 2018 and is upset for it to be revealed to the public.

Tim Paine
Tim Paine (Image Credit: Twitter)

“I have a bit of sympathy for Tim. A lot actually. He and I went through all of this privately in 2018,” Bonnie said in the interview with The Sunday Telegraph, and Sunday Herald Sun.

“I feel a bit frustrated that it’s all been brought up and aired in the public when we put it to bed years ago. I have moved forward since then. I feel like there is a lot of injustice for it being dragged out again.”

Tim Paine came and told me to my face, he told me the ins and outs: Bonnie Paine

The pair had tied the knot in April 2016, and the sexting scandal took place after their marriage.

“Weirdly”, as she mentions, Bonnie reckons to battle the tough times has strengthened her relationship with Tim Paine and indeed has respect for her husband for coming out clean to her.

“Weirdly, this mess has actually helped our relationship. I can’t believe I am saying that.

“No one is perfect. You’ve got to give people second chances. Like I said before, Tim came and told me to my face, he told me the ins and outs, and he didn’t have to do that. I have a huge amount of respect for him for doing that. It was never a question of love; we have always loved each other deeply. It was hard, he has forgiven me for things, and people have forgiven me in my past, so I just felt I owed it to Tim to try and forgive,” she added.

Tim Paine
Tim Paine and wife Bonnie. Image-Instagram

She also felt that it was “unfair” that Tim Paine had to step down as the Test captain,

“It broke my heart to be honest. It’s sad that he felt he had to step down as captain over it, and I just think that’s unfair. I felt sad for him,” Bonnie said. 

The Ashes is set to commence on December 8 in Brisbane. Tim Paine has made himself available for selection.

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