Maximize Your Chances of Winning in Cricket Betting and Other Sports with These Tips
Maximize Your Chances of Winning in Cricket Betting and Other Sports with These Tips

Last Update on: June 25th, 2021 at 01:28 pm

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Watching cricket is one thing. Betting on them is another. The latter is a totally different process, and not everyone who watches the game can be successful when it comes to betting. It takes a lot more than just watching. You need a plan, a strategy, and most importantly, good knowledge about how betting works.

The laws for betting in India still need work, and the companies have made good use of the loophole of these laws to make online betting possible in India. Now, in India, there isn’t a sport that is equally admired or bashed like cricket. A religion of sorts in this country, the companies do know that online betting cannot survive without cricket betting.

Ever since the introduction of cricket betting, both the game as well as the betting isn’t the same. The way people see the game has changed and is fully stat-prone. Of course, if something like this can help you make money, we don’t see any reason why one shouldn’t be watching the game this way.

Now, coming back to the betting, even if you watch the game regularly and even if you are a stathead, that might not guarantee you a win in the betting because every single one of you is one and the same in this space. Thus, you need to come up with a different strategy to stay ahead of everyone else. Here are a few tips and tricks that might help you get there.

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Use the welcome bonus wisely

If you are new to online betting, based on the site you have signed up with, you will be awarded a welcome bonus once you deposit the amount. The first thing to do here is that you should know about the bonus-read terms and conditions well.

Some offers work only on certain matches. Some come with a time frame. You should know about it before making any bets.

There is some existing customer offers that usually comes as a thank you to the bettors for playing the game. Either way, it is very important to read the terms and conditions.

Safe bets

While your aim is to make more money, one should also consider not losing more too. Therefore, in a few matches, betting on both team’s work. Not because you will earn more but because you won’t lose a lot. For example, if there are two best teams locking horns, there is a huge chance that the result might go either way. In that case, a Safe bet is one way to go.

Know the condition well

It is a well-known fact that a match can be affected by external factors such as pitch, weather among others. You must have a fair knowledge about all these before betting on a match.

For example, if the climate is cold and windy, there is a high chance that pacers will have the upper hand. While the climate is sunny, the batters are likely to dominate. Thus, the toss equally matters as well.

Apart from these two, the pitch condition is something you must know as it makes no sense to put your money on a batter when the pitch assists the spinners or the pacers more.

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Match-ups and form

While this might not affect your case as well. Before betting, read about the current form of the team and a player. Also, a lot of cricket betting sites offer a fair amount of numbers to read and know about the match-up between two players. For example, a better could’ve got out to a particular bowler in the opponent for a lot of time and thus, that bowler is likely to pick up the wicket once again. While this might not be the case every single time, it is always good to know about these things too in order to stand ahead of your competition.

Explore different markets

Sometimes, you have to look into different options to gain more profit. For example, say, Australia and Afghanistan are taking the field. There is a high chance that Australia would win the game. Thus, they offer only little value. If you are betting on Afghanistan, if they win, you will get a higher value, but the risk is higher and the possibility is lower. In this case, it is good to go with different markets such as top batter, top bowlers among others.

Make full use of live-streaming and in-play betting

It is very important to watch the match rather than following the scores alone. Sometimes, the numbers do lie. Take this as an example- A bowler has managed to find the edge of the batter multiple times but unfortunately, that edge runs to the boundary or falls safe. If you watch the streaming, you will understand that the batter has been struggling to middle the ball and is in trouble. On the other hand, if you are just following the scores, all you can see is that the batter had taken the bowler for boundaries. So, this will impact your betting.

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As much as live-streaming is important, one must have a piece of good knowledge about in-play betting too. In this case, you will see the bookmakers updating their prices in real-time.

In-play betting needs more experience and knowledge about the game because when the odds change, one is tempted to make a wager which might end up in the wrong way.

Consider this. Australia is taking on a team that has a low ranking, say, Bangladesh. While the latter has talent, they don’t have the odds in their favor. So, when someone picks up multiple wickets on the same over, there will be a change in odds that might favor Bangladesh. However, it’s a known fact that Australia bat deep and they can still pull off victories even if they lose multiple wickets. So, in-play betting is tempting, and one must have a fair knowledge about all these before getting into the same.


One must keep in mind that cricket betting needs prior knowledge and in order to put together effective bets, there is a lot of factors one should keep in mind. Also, most importantly, they must control the betting and must bet responsibly.