How To Stop Betting: Instruction For Cricket Fans

How To Stop Betting: Instruction For Cricket Fans

Perhaps you like betting on cricket and this is something you will do every single day. Maybe you have a gambling issue or you simply want to know how to prevent it. In a nutshell, there are a few options all fans can use and they will be listed with much-needed details below. Using these options you can even help a friend and prevent or eliminate his addiction.

Self-Exclusion Services

If you are from the United Kingdom, you can use GamStop. This is a self-exclusion scheme that is offered to all players from this country only. It isn’t available to players from Europe or other places of the globe. So what is it actually?

Self-exclusion means that you, a cricket fan, will visit the platform and create an account. You need basic information and a few personal details. Once you are done, you will choose the duration of the self-exclusion. You can choose 6 months or up to 5 years. Done. After you are done with this, all betting sites that will offer cricket betting (gambling and other sports are included) will become unavailable to you for the selected time duration. Once the time ends, you can continue gambling and betting.

The goal here is to give time to bettors so they can work on their gambling addiction or other problems. Once they solve it, the self-exclusion will end and they can enjoy gambling once again. We must add that using GamStop is free and it is present on all sites with a UKGC licence. This is mandatory by the gambling authority and there is no way around it. On the other hand, there are NonGamStopBets gambling operators that aren’t on GamStop scheme, so UK players who don’t want to be restricted can easily find suitable sports options.

Gambling Blockers

This method is different. As the name suggests, you will need to use the software. There are countless options out there but GamBan is known as the most commonly used. This is software so it must be installed on the device. There are different versions for computers and special versions for smartphones.

Once you install the software, it will make access to all gambling, betting and even some trading sites unavailable. As a user, you won’t be able to access those sites and therefore you cannot gamble. One major advantage here is the parental control option. You can use it with GamBan and you can make it impossible for your children to access these sites. This is extremely important and can help us end minor gambling and betting.

There is no way a person can avoid GamBan software. If it is installed on a device, it will limit the access period. The only way is to uninstall the software but you will need a password for that. The method works well if you really want to distance yourself or keep your children away from betting in any form.

Counselling Services

Here we have an interesting option. Rather than limiting the betting option, you will get help. Counselling can be done via the internet or by visiting a therapist. The best thing here is the fact you can do it at any given moment and it is very helpful. The effects last long and they are massive. You will learn how to control your gambling and to prevent any future problems. Add the fact you will also learn a few useful things that can be used to help others as well. Now you will completely solve your gambling addiction and you won’t have problems with betting on cricket.

An important advantage is that you can use this option alongside the other two methods. As a matter of fact, you can use all three if you really need help, but there is no reason for that. After all, your mission should be to get help with gambling addiction.

The process can last for a few months or even longer but you will experience the first and the basic benefits as soon as you are done with the first session.


Choose the method that works best for you. The goal is to get help as soon as you need it and after that, you can continue enjoying cricket with GamStop and betting on this amazing sport. By using these methods, you will get many perks including overall stability, the ability to gamble when you like and also you won’t have any problems that can be caused by addiction.


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