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The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has increased the total purse value for the 10 IPL franchises to Rs 90 crore for the upcoming IPL 2022 mega auction. Two new teams – Lucknow and Ahmedabad – have been added from the next season.

According to a report in Cricbuzz, the BCCI sent a mail to all the franchises stating that the existing 8 franchises can retain a maximum of four players while the two new teams can pick three players other than the already retained ones.

The policies regarding the purse deductions after the retentions have also been finalized by the board.

If a team retains four players, Rs 42 crore will be cut from the total 90 crore purse. Rs 33 crore will be decreased for three retentions while two retentions will lead to deductions of Rs 24 crore and if a team chooses to retain only one player, it will lose Rs 14 crore from its purse. Each uncapped player retained will cost Rs 4 crore.

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Teams to be allowed to retain 4 players ahead of IPL 2022 mega auction

Further, the board has also cleared that the salary of each player in case of four retentions will be Rs 16 crore for Player 1, Rs 12 crore for Player 2, Rs 8 crore for players 3 and Rs 6 crore for Player 4.

In case of three retentions, the fee for Player 1 will be Rs 15 crore, Player 2 will be Rs 11 crore and Player 3 will be 7 crore. Two retentions will lead to a salary of Rs 14 crore for Player 1 and Rs 10 crore for Player 2. If a team keeps only one player, it will have to pay him Rs 14 crore per season.

The BCCI clarified that if the player salary agreed upon is higher than the amount specified above, then the higher of the two shall be deducted from the purse.

“The sums set out above are the minimum amount(s) which will be deducted from a Franchisee’s Salary Cap. If the League Fee agreed with a Retained Player set out above exceeds the relevant sum set out above, then an amount equal to that higher League Fee shall be deducted from the relevant Franchisee’s Salary Cap.

“If the League Fee agreed with a Retained Player is less than the relevant sum set out above, then an amount equal to the relevant sum set out above shall be deducted from the relevant Franchisee’s Salary Cap,” the BCCI letter stated.

Conditions of IPL player retentions for all franchises:

MS Dhoni, IPL T20
MS Dhoni. (Photo: IPL)

The 8 current teams cannot retain more than three Indians (capped/uncapped) while a maximum of two overseas players can be retained. Also, a team cannot keep more than two uncapped players.

As for the new franchises – owned by RP Sanjiv Goenka Group (RPSG) and CVC Capital Partners (Irelia Company Pte Ltd) – two Indians can be picked from outside the auction while only one overseas star can be selected by them. Also to keep in mind for them is that they can pick only one uncapped player before the auction

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