Lalit Modi
Lalit Modi (Image Credit: Twitter)

Former IPL Chairman Lalit Modi has been very critical of the fact that BCCI had allowed CVC to own a team for the IPL 2022 and slammed the Indian cricket board for their decision making. RPSG and CVC Capitals were recently declared the owners of the two new franchises in the bidding process, and Lucknow and Ahmedabad were also named the two new franchises. As a result, MS Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings will start as the defending champions for IPL 2022.

CVC Capitals have been in the news for wrong reasons as there have been speculations of them being associated with betting companies, and Lalit Modi has been afraid of the consequences.

The CVC Capitals bought the Ahmedabad franchise for a whopping 5625 crore, but there has been investigations going on deep into the matter as CVC could have strong connections with Betting companies.

Motera Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad
Motera Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad (Image Credit: Twitter)

“This is Just Reducing The Game To Big Joke” – Lalit Modi

Lalit Modi was astonished by the fact that BCCI still haven’t taken a decision on the CVC Capitals buying an IPL team and reckoned that the money has been a big factor in any decision. He added that BCCI is destroying the tournament that he had established years ago.

“This #bcci sure are taking there time in deciding on a betting company buying a @iplt20 team. I guess greed is over taken any thing rational. This is just reducing the game to [a] big joke. #clowns. I made it. They destroy it. #jokers,” Lalit Modi tweeted on Twitter.

CVC Capitals
CVC Capitals[photo: Twitter]

“I Thought We Had Zero Tolerance” – Lalit Modi

In his previous tweet, Lalit Modi wasn’t impressed with BCCI allowing CVC Capitals to own an IPL team, and he explained the problems behind allowing a betting company. Lalit Modi served as the chairman of IPL from the inaugural edition of 2008 until 2010.

“A DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN IF #BCCI DECIDES TO ALLOW @cvc_capital_partners to own a team. A betting company. Has no morals. U should know that. I thought we had zero tolerance. Seems not. @iplt20 #cricket #fixing #itsnotallaboutmoney. I should know,” he maintained in his previous tweet.

Lalit Modi
Lalit Modi (Image Credit: Twitter)

Meanwhile, the two new teams have been allowed to retain three players after the other 8 teams retain their 4 players.

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