The Hundred: ECB Abandons Plans To Replace 'Wickets' With 'Outs' After Facing Backlash

The Hundred: ECB Abandons Plans To Replace ‘Wickets’ With ‘Outs’ After Facing Backlash

The Hundred. (Credits: Twitter)

The England and Wales Cricket Board have abolished the plans to replace the terminology ‘wickets’ with ‘outs’ for The Hundred as they decided earlier. The Hundred planned to change the terms to make it easier for amateurs to understand the game; however, the ECB has dropped the idea following backlash. The tournament is likely to take place and get underway with its first edition in July this year.

The Telegraph reported earlier this month that the ECB considered overhauling some of cricket’s traditional terminologies to penetrate and attract some new audiences. Nevertheless, the cricketing fraternity remained unimpressed as they did not like using American terminologies in a bid to generate new supporters. Former Australia spinner Brad Hogg criticised by saying that cricket is not baseball and there are enough changes in the formats to tweak the terms.

Brad Hogg
Brad Hogg. Image-Twitter

Former England captain Michael Vaughan remarked that the change from ‘outs’ to ‘wickets’ makes The Hundred looks more gimmicky and fails to understand the logic behind the change. Vaughan underlined that the change looks like doing for the sake of it.

“I like change in cricket but saying ‘outs’ instead of wickets makes The Hundred look even more gimmicky than it already is. I can understand batsmen changing to batters in this era but I don’t really get wickets to outs. That just looks like change for change’s sake. My only worry is, what next? Will cow corner be banned so as not to upset vegans?” Vaughan wrote in his column for the Telegraph.

Michael Vaughan sees potential in The Hundred to be neck to neck with IPL:

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan (Image Credit: Twitter)

Michael Vaughan continued warning the administrators about making too many changes to shoo off the existing fans and risk it into becoming a laughing stock. The 46-year old backs The Hundred to display world-class sporting action, helped by the stars’ presence from all over the world.

“Cricket has to be careful not to alienate them (existing fans) too much by changing too many things for the sake of it and risk it becoming a laughing stock because I think inadvertently they have stumbled across the right tournament. The Hundred will showcase world-class sporting action on the pitch and stars from the world of entertainment off it,” he added.

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