Arbaaz Khan
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Defamed actor-cum-producer, Arbaaz Khan recently confessed to his involvement in betting over the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches. The Thane police officials of an anti-extortion cell confirmed the latest development in the case.

It was only yesterday (June 1) that Arbaaz was summoned by police officers who busted the betting racket involving lynchpin Sonu Jalan.

The contact information of the actor was recovered from the diary of the 43-year old bookie who was arrested a few days back.

However, it is learnt Arbaaz, Jalan along with few others convened a meeting at Dubai.

Arbaaz Khan
Photo Credit: Web.

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According to recent reports, Arbaaz was summoned to register his statements following the betting menace.

Actor Arbaaz Khan placed bets during one of the past IPL seasons through Jalan. In those days, Jalan was working with a big bookie who went by the name Junior Calcutta,” a senior official close to the matter, told TOI.

Interestingly, both Jalan and Arbaaz were made to sit face-to-face during the interrogation.

Subsequently, too there was a huge transaction between Jalan and Khan. Apparently, Khan was blackmailed into paying crores, the threat being that his gambling habit would be exposed,” added the official.

Nothing concrete can be said on this as of now: Pradeep Sharma

“But all this will be probed once Khan gives his side of the story,” maintained the official.

Arbaaz Khan Confesses to IPL Betting Involvement
Arbaaz Khan, along with alleged kingpin of betting racket Sonu Jalan. Credits:

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Apparently, Arbaaz Khan paid a sum of INR 3 crore to Jalan. However, there was no concrete evidence, according to police.

Nothing concrete can be said on this as of now. We need to corroborate it with evidence and statements of those who are linked with the racket,” commented Inspector Sharma.