Cricket Betting has always been a huge problem in India. As the betting is considered illegal in the country, the officials are facing a tough time to decode the ways of betting in India. Though they have managed to make things fall in place, still, the bookies are finding their own ways to Indulge cricketers into it.

Recently, we came across reports being circulated in the media, which highlighted the match-fixing issue in Karnataka Premier League and Tamil Nadu Premier League. The reports suggest that even top-rated cricketers were Indulged in Fixing.

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As such, former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar believes the cricket as a game is treading an extremely slippery slope and that was no cure for greed. He, however, pointed out that the advancement in technology has made sure the cheats have nowhere to hide.

Sunil Gavaskar
Sunil Gavaskar. Credits – BCCI Twitter

I don’t think you can totally control – Sunil Gavaskar

Yes, there is the fixing threat with the different leagues, but Gavaskar also believes that such leagues bolster Indian cricket and hence, should always find support. Gavaskar’s comments came in the wake of accusations that players and officials of the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) have been involved in match-fixing. An investigation is currently underway in the matter.

“Greed is a thing which no amount of education, guidance, seminars with anti-corruption guys is going to help. Greed is something that is human. The best of societies, the most developed of societies still have criminals. In cricket also you will always have the odd person. They will be swayed by greed. (It) could be some other reason that might force him to do something. That’s something I don’t think you can totally control,” Gavaskar was quoted as saying by Cricbuzz.

Sunil Gavaskar
Sunil Gavaskar. Credit: PTI

“I would imagine sometimes the circumstances make a player think ‘I can get away with it’. But you can’t get away. Because it is so covered by television. Every little aspect… you will be exposed as having done something wrong. Look at the talent that it has provided from the districts. For example, the Karnataka Premier League, the number of people who have come from the interiors which otherwise even the best of Karnataka scouts couldn’t have been able to see.”

In the light of cases emerging from the leagues of Mumbai, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu this year, the match-fixing or spot-fixing become unstoppable in the country. The recent reports suggest that the suicide of a team owner in TNPL VB Chandrasekhar also related to the betting, which saw him in huge debts.

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