Ravi Shastri, Vijay Shankar, ICC World Cup 2019
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Well, it has been a brilliant last few months for the Indian National Cricket Team. They have been smart enough in making things happen across the formats. They are close to the tag of ”Best Team in The World” and will enter into the upcoming ICC World Cup 2019 as one of the favourites. Meanwhile, the head coach Ravi Shastri makes his voice on the team balance.

With only 5 ODI games left in the bank, India needs to figure out their 15-member squad for the grand event. Most of the slots have already been booked by the regular players with backups also getting ready in the case of any injuries during the grand event.

We have 2 positions left – Ravi Shastri

Speaking of the same, Ravi Shastri quoted that his team has got everything to deliver the goods. He feels that every department has got special talent to make things fall in place. Further, he believes that most of the slots have already been occupied.

Ravi Shastri, Vijay Shankar, ICC World Cup 2019
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”Nothing is missing really. But it is about just identifying who is the best for a particular position. We have got talent, we have skill, we have fast bowlers and we have belief. We have last two positions to consider and the selectors are on our page,” Ravi Shastri quoted.

I don’t want extra-players:

Ravi Shastri doesn’t want any passengers in his side for the grand event. He wants every player to perform right in their first game whenever they were given opportunity in place of an injured cricketer or as per the pitch requirements.

Ravi Shastri, Vijay Shankar, ICC World Cup 2019
KL Rahul place would be tricky. (Photo credit – ANTHONY DEVLIN/AFP/Getty Images)

”Only thing, I don’t want passengers in the World Cup squad. We want players who are part of the team and can play at any time. I don’t want an extra this or that, if someone gets injured, no. I want a guy who can play anytime depending on the conditions and that’s one of the qualities of a top team – to be flexible at any time,” he added in an interview with Cricbuzz.

I want guys who can play at any time:

Further, he also showered words of praise on Vijay Shankar, who showed great resilience with Ambati Rayudu in the final ODI of the series. He wants a player like him, who needs to deliver right in their first game.

Ravi Shastri, Vijay Shankar, ICC World Cup 2019
Vijay Shankar looked Solid. (Credits – Getty)

”Like sending Vijay Shankar at number six, or even playing him. From 18-4 we went to 116-4, 98 run partnership. Then he got run out, but we are prepared to do all that. So I want guys who can play any time in our World Cup squad. We are still checking whether it will be a 15-man squad or a 16-man squad. I am told it’s 15, and so, we have to be smart to picking those players,” he added.

Well, it would be interesting to see the final squad of the Indian team for the ICC World Cup 2019. Most probably, they would go with the fine combination with decent backups in the chart.


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