India, Pakistan, BCCI
Indian National Cricket Team. (Credits - BCCI)

The game of cricket between the arch-rivals India and Pakistan has always been a special page in history. However, the political tensions in the countries of either side never allowed it to happen. Meanwhile, Pakistan officials tried a lot to lock horns against India but the Indian government isn’t in favour of that. Speaking of the same, BCCI official feels it takes time to fall things in place.

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The Indian board has once again made it clear that political tension between the two countries need to stop before bilateral ties resume with Pakistan. They were very clear that the restart of the bilateral series is purely in the hands of the Indian government and the BCCI has got nothing in their hands.

Once the conditions are right, no one will have any problem:

Speaking of the same, the BCCI official quoted to Hindustan Times that they are willing to play Pakistan but the tensions in countries should be vanished out. He believes that cricketing ties could only happen when the fights between both countries come to a conclusion.

India, Pakistan, BCCI, Indian National Cricket Team
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“Once the conditions are right, no one will have any problem in the resumption of cricketing ties but that day seems to be a little far off. PCB chairman Ehsan Mani is liked and is very different from his last two predecessors — Shaharyar Khan and Najam Sethi — who had a chip stitched on their shoulders for whatever reason. But even Mani is constrained by the facts and circumstances. It all boils down to the political relations between the two countries and the end of hostilities,” he cleared.

Small men occupying big positions in Pakistan: BCCI recollects Imran Khan’s statement

Well, in between, recently, Wasim of Pakistan quoted that he wants PCB to create a situation where BCCI should ask PCB to play the game. Further, he added that PCB should move on and carried forward in developing things. Meanwhile, the BCCI official gives a stern reply.

India, Pakistan, BCCI
Imran Khan (Photo by Clarrie Grimmett/Getty Images)

“This Wasim Khan chap needs to understand that they should focus on their own stability first. As their own PM put it, there are small men occupying big positions in Pakistan and such statements emanate from such a syndrome,” he smiled as was quoted by Hindustan Times.

Well, most probably, it takes time to see both the sides clashing in the International Cricket. In between, surprisingly, ICC not named both the sides in the same group for ICC World Cup 2019.

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