Watch: Batsman Breaks His Bat After a Controversial Mankad Dismissal
(Photo Credits: AFP)

A recent video is going round the internet of a batsman smashing his bat on the ground in anger and breaking it after getting out in a controversial manner. The batsman expressed his exasperation after the bowler dismissed him courtsey Mankad runout. In addition to, he ran towards the dressing room angrily and before kicking the chairs around in anger.

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Meanwhile, the incident happened in a local tournament named Rashtrawadi Chashak 2018, which is in its fourth season. It was taking place in Lohgaon, a town in Pune district. The event took place between 12-17 December 2018. It is believed to be a tennis-ball event where the teams play eight overs each.

Shivshambho Sport and Dadachi Wasti Sports were playing against each other in the game. Going the scoreboard in the video, Shivshambho team was batting first. They were at 75/3 at the end of the seventh over and would have eyed at going big in the last over. However, even before the first ball of the last over the incident took place.

The non-striker went too ahead of the bowling crease, completely unaware of the bowler’s intentions. The bowler was quick to notice this and immediately uprooted the stumps to have him Mankad out. The batsman flew into a fit of rage after he got out, repeatedly smashing his bat on the ground only to break it into bits and pieces. Furthermore, he ran back to the dugout before kicking the chairs in anger.

Watch the video here:


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