Watch: Glenn Maxwell's Massive Switch Hit Six After Ian Chappell Urges ICC To Ban The Shot

Watch: Glenn Maxwell’s Massive Switch Hit Six After Ian Chappell Urges ICC To Ban The Shot

Glenn Maxwell
Glenn Maxwell (Credits: Twitter)

A couple of days after former Australia cricketer Ian Chappell urged ICC to ban switch-hits, Glenn Maxwell unleased the same shot to hit a huge six off Kuldeep Yadav in the just-concluded third ODI between India and Australia at the Manuka Oval, Canberra.

Perhaps no batsmen hit more reverse-sweeps for six than Glenn Maxwell and one can say that the latter has totally mastered that art. On the third ball of the 43rd over, the hard-hitting batsman hit a huge six that landed in the second tier of the stands.

Glenn Maxwell
Glenn Maxwell (Credits: Twitter)

Not many batsmen would have dared to play that shot against the slow delivery but then again, Glenn Maxwell has never shied away from taking the risk. The ball had  also landed a little shorter than the ideal length for the switch hit but Glenn Maxwell went for the shot and was duly rewarded for it.

Here is a clip of the shot:

Earlier this week, Ian Chappell had said it was very annoying and blatantly unfair when batsmen become ‘opposite-handed’ as the bowler runs in to take advantage of the fielding conditions set by the captain of the bowling side. The cricket legend had called for a ban on the shot following Glenn Maxwell and David Warner’s use of it during the first two ODIs against India.

“[Switch-hitting] is very skillful, some of it’s amazingly skillful – but it’s not fair. How can one side of the game, ie. the bowlers, they have to tell the umpire how they’re going to bowl. And yet the batsman, he lines up as a right-hander – I’m the fielding captain, I place the field for the right-hander – and before the ball’s been delivered, the batsman becomes a left-hander,Chappell had told Wide World of Sports.

“It’s very simple. Maxwell hit a couple of [switch-hit] shots and Warner did [Sunday] night. All you’ve got to say is that if the batsman changes the order of his hands or his feet [as the bowler runs in], then it’s an illegal shot,” he had added.

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