IPL 2020 To Be Held Overseas, Venue To Be Announced Soon: Report

The parent body of the IPL 2020 has kept a number of options open for the lucrative tournament to take place this year. As per the original schedule, IPL 2020 was  to begin from March 29 but it was first deferred to April 15 before being postponed indefinitely as the parent body has been stubborn on their wait and watch policy.

More so, because, the cricket board might incur a loss of Rs. 4000 crore if the lucrative tournament. The cricket board CEO Raul Johri had said that the lucrative tournament can take place after monsoon with international stars. Now it is being said that the IPL 2020 can be held in overseas conditions.

IPL was initially slated to start from March 29 (Photo- Twitter)

IPL 2020 can be hosted in UAE or Sri Lanka

The overseas venue for the IPL 2020 is yet to be announced. However, it is understood that UAE and Sri Lanka are the front-runners for the lucrative tournament to be hosted. A BCCI official has confirmed IANS that the board is looking to host the tournament outside the country with the condition in India not looking suitable.

“We are yet to decide on the venue but in all probability it is going outside this year. The condition in India doesn’t look suited to have so many teams come in at one or two venues and then create an atmosphere which will be safe for the players as well as the general public even though the games may be played behind closed doors.

IPL 2020 To Be Held Overseas, Venue To Be Announced Soon: Report
CSK (Photo-IPL)

“The race is between UAE and Sri Lanka and we will need to decide on where we host the league depending on the situation there with regards to the coronavirus pandemic. Logistics also need to be looked into, so we will decide soon,” a BCCI official was quoted as saying by IANS.

There have also been talks about the IPL 2020 to be hosted entirely in Mumbai.