IPL 2021
IPL 2021.
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 3. IPL More Secure Than PSL

Sri Lanka Cricketers Attacked in 2008
Sri Lanka Cricketers Attacked in 2008 (Image Credit: Twitter)

After the tragic terror attack on Sri Lanka cricketers in 2008, Pakistan has been considered an insecure venue to host cricket matches. After the horrific incident, ICC stripped Pakistan from hosting any cricket match due to security concerns. Many cricket boards still refrain from playing matches in Pakistan due to security concerns. The first PSL season in 2016 was also hosted in UAE due to security issues. Later, after the situation became better, PSL tournaments were hosted in Pakistan.

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On the other hand, India has been an unquestionably safe nation to play cricket. India has hosted multiple ICC tournaments in the last decade which went smoothly. Moreover, the infrastructure for cricket in India is far more developed than in Pakistan. India has more cricket grounds and more facilities available for players. Therefore, on the matter of security, the Indian Premier League rates far better than PSL.

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