Southern Vipers v Central Sparks, Live Cricket Score, Commentary, Match 14, Women's Regional T20, 2021
Series: Women's Regional T20 / Venue: County Ground, Hove, Brighton / August 25, 2021
Southern Vipers 162/4 (20 ov)
Central Sparks 163/4 (19 ov)
CES won by 6 wickets
Southern Vipers InningsSV Innings162/4 (20 ov)
Georgia AdamsNot out8860160146.66
Not out
Maia Bouchierc CAE Hill b Hannah Baker131120118.18
c CAE Hill b Hannah Baker
Georgia Elwissrunout (M Kelly)11911122.22
runout (M Kelly)
Charlie Deanrunout (CAE Hill)31354088.57
runout (CAE Hill)
Paige Scholfieldc GM Davies b Issy wong130033.33
c GM Davies b Issy wong
Emily WindsorNot out6500120.00
Not out
Extra12 (b 2, w 3, nb 3, lb 4)
Total162/4 (20)
Issy wong402015.00
Liz Russell302809.33
Clare Boycott402005.00
Hannah Baker4044111.00
Marie Kelly1010010.00
Evelyn Jones403408.50
Fall of wickets:
1-35 (ME Bouchier - 4.3 ov), 2-54 (GA Elwiss - 6.6 ov), 3-143 (CE Dean - 17.3 ov), 4-148 (PJ Scholfield - 18.3 ov)
Central Sparks InningsCES Innings163/4 (19 ov)
Evelyn Jonesc LK Bell b CE Dean514771108.51
c LK Bell b CE Dean
Marie KellyNot out10053181188.68
Not out
Milly Homec CE Dean b CM Taylor170014.29
c CE Dean b CM Taylor
Gwenan Davies (WK)lbw b CM Taylor01000.00
lbw b CM Taylor
Thea Brookesc GL Adams b T Norris150020.00
c GL Adams b T Norris
Ria FackrellNot out120050.00
Not out
Extra9 (b 0, w 8, nb 1, lb 0)
Total163/4 (19)
Charlotte Taylor403629.00
Lauren Bell402807.00
Tara Norris402616.50
Charlie Dean403117.75
Georgia Elwiss3042014.00
Fall of wickets:
1-137 (E Jones - 14.3 ov), 2-151 (M Home - 16.3 ov), 3-152 (GM Davies - 16.6 ov), 4-156 (TF Brookes - 18.2 ov)