Surrey v Glamorgan, Live Cricket Score, Commentary, Division 2, County Championship, 2021
Series: County Championship / Venue: Kennington Oval, London, London / September 21, 2021
Surrey 722/4d (196 ov)
Glamorgan 672/6d (177 ov)
Match drawn
Glamorgan inningGLA inn.672/6 (177 ov)
Hamish Rutherfordlbw b A Virdi36786046.15
lbw b A Virdi
David Lloydc WG Jacks b A Virdi12118013167.22
c WG Jacks b A Virdi
Joe Cookec Ollie Pope b D Moriarty6814411047.22
c Ollie Pope b D Moriarty
Eddie Byromst BT Foakes b D Moriarty45578078.94
st BT Foakes b D Moriarty
Kiran Carlsonc D Moriarty b WG Jacks691097063.30
c D Moriarty b WG Jacks
Chris Cooke (WK/C)Not out20529918168.56
Not out
Daniel Douthwaitec WG Jacks b A Virdi591462040.41
c WG Jacks b A Virdi
Callum TaylorNot out38515174.50
Not out
Extra31 (b 2, w 1, nb 4, lb 24)
Total672/6 (177)
Reece Topley2539203.68
Jordan Clark1225504.58
Rikki Clarke1736403.76
Daniel Moriarty53816523.11
Amar Virdi39114033.58
Will Jacks26110414.00
Ryan Patel512605.20
Fall of wickets:
1-86 (HD Rutherford - 22.5 ov), 2-211 (JM Cooke - 59.6 ov), 3-287 (EJ Byrom - 75.5 ov), 4-289 (DL Lloyd - 76.3 ov), 5-429 (KS Carlson - 113.3 ov), 6-618 (DA Douthwaite - 164.3 ov)
Surrey inningSUR inn.722/4 (196 ov)
Jamie Smithc CB Cooke b EJ Byrom13823617058.47
c CB Cooke b EJ Byrom
Ryan Patelc DL Lloyd b EJ Byrom6213810044.92
c DL Lloyd b EJ Byrom
Hashim Amlac MG Hogan b KS Carlson16330614053.26
c MG Hogan b KS Carlson
Ollie Pope (C)b HD Rutherford27434535179.42
b HD Rutherford
Ben Foakes (WK)Not out531018052.47
Not out
Rikki ClarkeNot out12511023.52
Not out
Extra20 (b 10, w 1, nb 2, lb 7)
Total722/4 (196)
Michael Hogan1974602.42
Jamie McIlroy2349304.04
Andrew Salter43518004.18
David Lloyd711402.00
Callum Taylor41412703.09
Eddie Byrom1606424.00
Daniel Douthwaite1114804.36
Joe Cooke1105104.63
Hamish Rutherford812613.25
Kiran Carlson1443712.64
Chris Cooke301906.33
Fall of wickets:
1-140 (R Patel - 47.5 ov), 2-247 (JL Smith - 73.3 ov), 3-609 (HM Amla - 162.6 ov), 4-676 (Ollie Pope - 180.2 ov)