Worcestershire v Leicestershire, Live Cricket Score, Commentary, Division 3, County Championship, 2021
Series: County Championship / Venue: County Ground, New Road, Worcester, Worcester / September 21, 2021
Worcestershire 422/10 (119.2 ov) & 12/0 (2.4 ov)
Leicestershire 222/10 (82.3 ov) & 211/10 (81 ov)
WORCS won by 10 wkts
Leicestershire inningLEI inn.222/10 (82.3 ov)
Hassan Azadc DJ Mitchell b J Leach270028.57
c DJ Mitchell b J Leach
Rishi Patelc J Leach b EG Barnard22505044.00
c J Leach b EG Barnard
George Rhodesc JA Haynes b DY Pennington27825032.92
c JA Haynes b DY Pennington
Lewis Hillc JA Haynes b EG Barnard40657061.53
c JA Haynes b EG Barnard
Louis Kimberlbw b J Leach7115010147.33
lbw b J Leach
Ben Mikec JD Libby b Josh Baker3250012.00
c JD Libby b Josh Baker
Sam Bates (WK)c JA Haynes b Josh Baker07000.00
c JA Haynes b Josh Baker
Ed Barnesb CAJ Morris13372035.13
b CAJ Morris
Callum Parkinson (C)lbw b DY Pennington17653026.15
lbw b DY Pennington
Chris Wrightb J Leach290022.22
b J Leach
Abidine SakandeNot out230066.66
Not out
Extra23 (b 4, w 0, nb 10, lb 9)
Total222/10 (82.3)
Joe Leach17.353832.17
Dillon Pennington1754122.41
Charlie Morris1515913.93
Ed Barnard1334023.07
Josh Baker2073121.55
Fall of wickets:
1-6 (Hassan Azad - 2.3 ov), 2-47 (RK Patel - 14.4 ov), 3-87 (GH Rhodes - 27.6 ov), 4-112 (LJ Hill - 37.1 ov), 5-133 (BWM Mike - 46.1 ov), 6-133 (S Bates - 48.2 ov), 7-160 (E Barnes - 59.4 ov), 8-218 (LPJ Kimber - 80.1 ov), 9-220 (CF Parkinson - 81.3 ov), 10-222 (CJC Wright - 82.3 ov)
Worcestershire inningWOR inn.422/10 (119.2 ov)
Daryl Mitchellc LPJ Kimber b CJC Wright8191042.10
c LPJ Kimber b CJC Wright
Jake Libbyc LPJ Kimber b CJC Wright7713611056.61
c LPJ Kimber b CJC Wright
Charlie Morrisb CF Parkinson501269039.68
b CF Parkinson
Gareth Roderickc LPJ Kimber b E Barnes35696050.72
c LPJ Kimber b E Barnes
Jack Haynesst S Bates b CF Parkinson44945046.80
st S Bates b CF Parkinson
Brett D'Oliveirac Hassan Azad b CF Parkinson373450108.82
c Hassan Azad b CF Parkinson
Ed Barnardc S Bates b CJC Wright48946051.06
c S Bates b CJC Wright
Ben Cox (WK)c S Bates b A Sakande591037057.28
c S Bates b A Sakande
Joe Leach (C)c CJC Wright b A Sakande12222054.54
c CJC Wright b A Sakande
Josh Bakerc GH Rhodes b A Sakande3190015.78
c GH Rhodes b A Sakande
Dillon PenningtonNot out10920111.11
Not out
Extra39 (b 9, w 0, nb 18, lb 12)
Total422/10 (119.2)
Chris Wright3169733.12
Abidine Sakande21.216633.09
Ben Mike1717504.41
Ed Barnes1417015.00
Callum Parkinson3177032.25
George Rhodes502304.60
Fall of wickets:
1-14 (DJ Mitchell - 4.4 ov), 2-139 (CAJ Morris - 41.6 ov), 3-153 (JD Libby - 50.6 ov), 4-210 (GH Roderick - 66.5 ov), 5-265 (BL D'Oliveira - 77.4 ov), 6-270 (JA Haynes - 79.5 ov), 7-386 (EG Barnard - 110.1 ov), 8-398 (OB Cox - 113.2 ov), 9-411 (J Leach - 117.2 ov), 10-422 (Josh Baker - 119.2 ov)
Leicestershire inningLEI inn.211/10 (81 ov)
Hassan Azadc OB Cox b J Leach480050.00
c OB Cox b J Leach
Rishi Patelb J Leach01000.00
b J Leach
George Rhodesc OB Cox b DY Pennington9022012140.90
c OB Cox b DY Pennington
Lewis Hillc JA Haynes b J Leach2150013.33
c JA Haynes b J Leach
Louis Kimberc EG Barnard b CAJ Morris4121033.33
c EG Barnard b CAJ Morris
Ben Mikelbw b EG Barnard587812074.35
lbw b EG Barnard
Sam Bates (WK)c JA Haynes b EG Barnard6171035.29
c JA Haynes b EG Barnard
Ed Barnesb Josh Baker5221022.72
b Josh Baker
Callum Parkinson (C)c EG Barnard b DY Pennington211003021.00
c EG Barnard b DY Pennington
Chris WrightNot out10122083.33
Not out
Abidine Sakandec EG Barnard b DY Pennington4210200.00
c EG Barnard b DY Pennington
Extra7 (b 0, w 0, nb 2, lb 5)
Total211/10 (81)
Joe Leach1872531.38
Dillon Pennington1315934.53
Charlie Morris1314513.46
Ed Barnard1224123.41
Josh Baker2092611.30
Brett D'Oliveira21402.00
Daryl Mitchell31602.00
Fall of wickets:
1-3 (RK Patel - 0.5 ov), 2-16 (Hassan Azad - 2.3 ov), 3-28 (LJ Hill - 6.4 ov), 4-35 (LPJ Kimber - 11.1 ov), 5-123 (BWM Mike - 37.2 ov), 6-131 (S Bates - 41.4 ov), 7-146 (E Barnes - 48.4 ov), 8-192 (CF Parkinson - 76.4 ov), 9-207 (GH Rhodes - 80.4 ov), 10-211 (A Sakande - 80.6 ov)
Worcestershire inningWOR inn.12/0 (2.4 ov)
Daryl MitchellNot out9720128.57
Not out
Jake LibbyNot out390033.33
Not out
Extra0 (b 0, w 0, nb 0, lb 0)
Total12/0 (2.4)
Chris Wright1.401106.60
Ed Barnes10101.00
Fall of wickets: