5 Quickest Batsmen to Hit 14 ODI Centuries (By Innings)

Smashing a century in ODIs is a wonderful achievement for a batsman. Many cricketers account for plenty of ODI centuries in their careers. Since ODI cricket consists of 50 overs, batsmen have enough overs to score a century in the format, unlike

5 Fastest Batsmen To Score 6000 ODI Runs (By Innings)

Since its evolution in the ’70s, ODI cricket has been a popular format among cricket fans. Many bowlers have picked numerous wickets in ODIs and many batsmen have also scored a mountain of ODI runs. Although T20I cricket has wide popularity in

Gentlemen XI Of World Cricket

While the saying that ‘Cricket is a gentleman’s game’ is a myth, over the years we have seen many cricketers, who apart from their skills, have left us in awe with their cool and calm demeanor and the manner in which they

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