Gentlemen XI Of World Cricket

While the saying that ‘Cricket is a gentleman’s game’ is a myth, over the years we have seen many cricketers, who apart from their skills, have left us in awe with their cool and calm demeanor and the manner in which they

Laziest XI Of World Cricket

Modern-day cricket has evolved a lot and the fitness requirements have set at the highest order for the players to be well organized as a team without many loopholes. But, there are exceptions in every part of the game, and some players


Most Loved XI Of All-Time In Cricket

The people that come to the stands have always loved watching certain cricketers on display and it is clearly visible with the crowd chanting the player’s name in tandem. Every cricketer tends to have some haters and lovers but there have been

5 Most Economical Bowlers In IPL History

The IPL over the years has seen several bowlers make a name for themselves in the tournament. It has provided a platform for both youngsters and experienced bowlers to showcase their talent. While some have gone onto becoming legends, others became great

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