Women’s Cricket Today News

The team version of cricket played by women is called Women’s Cricket. The key distinction between Women’s Cricket Today rules and those of the men’s game is the usage of a smaller ball. In 11 of the 12 full members of the International Cricket Council (ICC), Today Women’s Cricket is now being played professionally. The sport is popular all around the world, particularly in Commonwealth countries.

On July 26, 1745, a Women’s Cricket match was played in England for the first time. Women kept playing the game in social settings until the late 1800s when Women’s Cricket was established. The formalization of the game and the scheduling of international matches started in 1926 with the founding of the Women’s Cricket Association (WCA) in England. Like many other women’s sports, sexism and a lack of institutional support hindered women’s cricket’s further growth.

Today Women'S Cricket FAQs:

When was Women’s Cricket started?

Women’s Cricket started on 26 July 1745.

Which two teams played the first Women’s Cricket match?

England Women and Australia Women played the first Women’s Cricket match.

Which was the first women's cricket team?

The first Women’s Cricket Team was the White Heather Club which was formed in 1887 in Yorkshire.