Virat Kohli, Vivian Richards

For the first time, Virat Kohli has become the anchor of the show, as he got the best in the business Sir Vivian Richards in the house. He caught up with the great batsman of an era Sir Vivian Richards and had a brilliant chat, which showed the positivity and the determination of Sir Vivian Richards when he walked to the middle with his willow.

In the chat between the two cricketers, part one of which was uploaded on the BCCI’s website on Thursday, Kohli gets Richards to open up on a range of topics. Kohli asked about Virat Kohli’s immense self-belief as a batsman in an era of no helmets and very fast bowlers, who got everything from the spicy pitches.

I see a similarity with you where that passion – Vivian Richards

The flamboyant batsman quoted that he wants to be competitive on the field and doesn’t want to care who the bowler is. Further, he went on to add saying that he got a similarity with Virat Kohli when it comes to passion. Vivian Richards revealed how he used to back himself during tough times.


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“I believed I am a man.” I always felt I was good enough to be competing and I wanted to express myself in the best way possible. And, I see that little similarity where that passion… was at times that passion that makes people look at us and be like ‘Why are they so angry?'”

“I believed that I am a man. It might sound arrogant but I always felt that I was involved in a game that I knew and I backed myself every time. You even back yourself to get hurt and take the knocks,” Richards said.

I Prefer To Take A Hit – Virat Kohli

Meanwhile, Virat Kohli quoted that he loves to take the blow first and then see how things would turn out. Further, the Indian skipper added that pain doesn’t matter as he makes sure to learn by the loss.

Virat Kohli, Vivian Richards

Kohli then quipped: “I have always felt that you take a hit early to know the feeling rather than always feeling you might get hurt. I prefer to take a hit early on so that it motivates me to not allow that to happen again. Just that pain to go through your body and be like enough, it’s not happening again.”

Richards then ended the video by adding: “You will always get hurt. It is part of the game. It’s important how you come back from taking those knocks.”

Here is the video:

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