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Last Update on: February 3rd, 2023 at 07:24 pm

The highly anticipated Cricket World Cup 2023 will be played from October to November 2023. The top 10 teams in the world will be battling the odds to see who comes out on top.

In today’s post, we will be assessing some of the potential factors that could move the needle and put certain teams over others in terms of how likely they are to win. Among them are past game results, but also player stats, team strength, recent performances, as well as climate among the rest. Based on these variables, we will rank some of the top potential winners for the upcoming cup.

    • Cricket’s popularity

Overall, cricket seems to be getting a lot of traction, with the sport ranking at 2nd place after football as the most watched sport in the world with 2.5 billion fans worldwide. These fans passionately bet on world cup results, using popular sportsbooks like with the guts to risk their hard earned cash, effectively putting their money where their mouth is while supporting their favorite players and teams.

    • On overview of the favorites

The usual favorites in the cricket world are Australia and India where cricket is amongst the most popular sports. In 2019, England managed to make a name for itself by taking the world cup and winning the tournament. England has the best current performance and a very solid and promising team that is sure to deliver an excellent result taking the second spot in the ODI rankings.

India and Australia rule the charts in terms of past performance and are both regarded as veterans in the scene. For these reasons, we picked the teams as the favorites to take home the big prize.

    • Australia

Australia needs little introduction to fans of the popular sport as their team has been the prevailing force in the sport since the beginning of the competitive play, breaking records time and time again in the ODI Cricket World Cup with their top tier selection of players.

Their current team consists of star players such as Shaun Marsh, Matthew Wade, David Warner, Marnus Labuschangne and Steve Smith. This lineup has managed to score them a victory at some of the bilateral tournaments in the last few months so it is sure to provide a strong backbone in the world cup. They currently stand 5th in the ODI rankings, but this does not really hold up to their overall status and reputation in the cricket world and history.

    • India

The 2023 tournament will also be played in India which arguably gives the team an advantage, as games played on their home soil have the added benefit of being played on familiar turf under known playing conditions.

Although results in the sport are always unpredictable, this will surely help them somewhat dominate the opposing teams. The team roster for the upcoming competition has not been selected yet, but there are a few star players that are rumored to be taking part. This includes Ravinder Javeda, Rishabh Pant and Jaspreet Bumrah, and also a lot of new fledgling players trying to break into the scene.

Despite the fact that the team has gone through some changes and had losses in the past, they have shown their immense ability and potential to win, reaching the playoffs many times in the past and winning the world cup two times before.

They were champions of the first official ODI world cup, and 28 years later, they managed to win a second time while also making it to the finals in the years of 2003 and 1996. They still have a long way to go against opponents like Australia that has historically dominated the world cup and won 5 times, but they surely are a force to be reckoned with.

    • New Zealand – a wildcard?

New Zealand also known as the Black Caps is also making strides with excellent performance in recent times and a promising past record, ranking number 1 in the recent ODI rankings. Without a doubt, a strong competitor to be on the lookout for.

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    • Conclusion

Overall, it is a challenge to pinpoint the exact team that will rise to the top, as the stakes are incredibly high this year, with all of the teams sure to fight tooth and nail until the end to claim the title of the champions all for themselves.

Looking at historical data alone, it is incredibly hard to assess the potential winner, as each of these teams have their unique strengths that could be what tips the scales. The teams in play for taking the name of the champion will likely be England or New Zealand which both take the cake in terms of recent performance. However it is always possible that the veteran Indian and Australian teams will squash the results as per usual, which is the reason why we decided to pick them as our favorites.

It is sure to be one of the most intense competitions to date, as the newcomers try to make a name for themselves against renowned Indian and Australian teams. With that in mind, what are your personal favorites to win it all? Be sure to let us know.