"Hardwork And Sacrifice Getting Noticed": MS Dhoni Responds To PM Modi's Letter Of Appreciation

“Hardwork And Sacrifice Getting Noticed”: MS Dhoni Responds To PM Modi’s Letter Of Appreciation

dhoni-modi (Courtesy: Twitter)
dhoni-modi (Courtesy: Twitter)

Former India captain MS Dhoni sent out his first tweet since February 2020 after Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his heartfelt feelings to him in a letter of appreciation. MS Dhoni, who announced his retirement on Independence Day, was seemingly happy on receiving the letter of appreciation and thanked PM Modi for the same.

MS Dhoni, who is Chennai preparing for IPL 2020, said every artist, soldier and sportsperson craves for appreciation and expressed his delight on his hardwork and sacrifice for the nation getting noticed by everyone. He also specially thanked the PM for his appreciation and good wishes.

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi. Credit: Getty Images

“An Artist,Soldier and Sportsperson what they crave for is appreciation, that their hard work and sacrifice is getting noticed and appreciated by everyone.thanks PM @narendramodi for your appreciation and good wishes,” MS Dhoni tweeted.

Narendra Modi has sent out a two-page long letter to Dhoni. A part of which read, “The name MS Dhoni will not be remembered merely for his career statistics or specific match-winning roles. Looking at you just as a sportsman would be injustice. Correct way to assess your impact is as a phenomenon”.

“Mein pal do pal ka shaayar hu…..,” said the song which played in the background of MS Dhoni’s retirement showreel. Although, Dhoni at his humble best, might consider himself as ‘pal do pal ka shaayar’, for fans he will always remain a legend of the game. Hearts broke as the 2011 World Cup winning captain announced his retirement via Instagram.

MS Dhoni made a big name for himself by making the country proud with his achievements after coming from the cricketing backwaters of Ranchi. He has achieved immense success as a player and also grew up to be one of the most successful captains and achieved almost everything the ICC tournaments had to offer.

MS Dhoni (Courtesy: Twitter)
MS Dhoni (Courtesy: Twitter)

All the success had made him one of the most influential person on the cricketing circuit but he was not the same when he was first introduced to the national team. Besides that, MS Dhoni has also been the go-to man for his teammates whenever he was on the field.

Dhoni understood the game well. He knew the strength of the side and backs his players accordingly. He did not takes any kind of frivolous decisions and likes to maintain his calm. It is due to these qualities Dhoni came up as one of the most calm and composed character on the cricket field.