Virat Kohli, Kesrick Williams
Virat Kohli and Kesrick Williams (Credits: Twitter)

West Indian pacer Kesrick Williams has revealed as to what charged up Indian skipper Virat Kohli during the 2019 T20 series. Notably, Virat Kohli and Kesrick Williams were involved in some interesting banter during the three games of the T20 series held in India. When it comes to on-the-pitch aggression, there are not a lot of players in international cricket who can level up with the intensity of Virat Kohli.

It all started when Virat Kohli imitated Kesrick Williams’ trademark ‘notebook celebration’ after taking the pacer to the cleaners during his match-winning knock of 94 in the first T20I. While the celebration from Kohli came out of the blue, he later said that he did it because Williams had given him a send-off during a T20I in 2017.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli (Credits: Twitter)

Now, in an interview to International Cricket Network 360, Kesrick Williams recalled the entire episode in detail and revealed as to what charged up Virat Kohli so much.

Kesrick Williams Opens Up On His Banter With Virat Kohli In The 2019 T20 Series

“Virat Kohli is the first person I did that notebook celebration on in Jamaica. When I did the notebook celebration, I did it because I liked it and I did it for my fans. But Kohli didn’t see it that way. After the game finished, I went to shake his hands, Kohli said good bowling but the celebration eeeh and he walked off. He didn’t walk off rudely. But it was the end of our greeting. ‘I felt good playing against you’, he’s the best player in the world, whatever, whatever. We went our separate ways,” Kesrick Williams said.

Kesrick Williams
Kesrick Williams (Credits: Twitter)

“Last year in India, as soon as Mr Virat Kohli walked into bat, he walks straight at me and says, ‘the notebook celebration thing is not going to work here tonight. I’m going to make sure it won’t work’,” Williams added.

I Only Said Shut Up And Bat: Kesrick Willaims

“And I was like, ‘Seriously! the episode is back from 2017’. Every ball I bowled he said something but, honest to god, the only thing I said to him was, ‘mate, just bat and shut up. Really, you sound like a child.’ That’s all I said to Kohli,” Kesrick added.

Kesrick Williams
Kesrick Williams (Credits – Twitter)

“But all he really heard was just, ‘can you just bat and shut up’, the part about child and whatever he didn’t hear because I was walking back. That’s all I said but he kept talking,” he said. “He didn’t say anything rude, he didn’t say anything disrespectful. All he said was ‘this celebration will not work here tonight, I’m gonna make sure it didn’t work’ Kesrick further stated.

“In the match he beat me really bad, I got confused, because he got into my head honestly and I kept thinking its alright, he got into my head and that’s why he beat me badly,” Kesrick Williams said.

Virat Kohli won the third round of the contest in the final game. The India skipper was in stunning form in the series-decider at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. He took the West Indies bowlers to the cleaners, and Kesrick Williams was not spared either. And Kohli made sure to taunt Williams once again.

India, meanwhile, thrashed West Indies by 67 runs to win the series 2-1. After piling up 240 for 3, India restricted West Indies to 170 for 7.

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