Popularity of IPL forces Betting Sites to Accept UPI Deposits

Updated - 23 Jun 2021, 11:08 PM

Vivo IPL Trophy
Vivo IPL Trophy. Image Credits: Twitter

IPL fever is no alien concept to the Indians. Cricket fans cheering for their favourite IPL team in the vast stadiums is a significant tradition in India.

Do you want to know the popularity of the IPL? Well, IPL turned out to be the top trend on Google in 2020. This is the impact of the tournament!

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Indians love to place bets on cricket and have its roots rooted in the British colonial times. Due to the popularity of cricket in India, IPL has also become very popular in India. However, there are various reasons why bettors love to place bets on IPL.

Punters love to place bets on their favourite IPL match with UPI betting sites. Why? Well, there are various reasons for it!

If you want to know about them, keep reading our article!

Why is the IPL famous in India?

Cricket is famous in India because it is super easy to play. All that a player would need is a bat and a ball to get the ball rolling. There are various reasons why IPL is famous in India, and we would like to tell you about some of them.

IPL is a short tournament

Nowadays, people don’t have time to wait for 2-3 days for a match to get over. The match starts losing its charm and meaning. And it is where the IPL matches offered an advantage. The IPL match is just a 3-hour long game and takes place at night. With popcorn and perfect beverages, it can be an ideal way to spend family time.

Big celebrities are involved.

Big Bollywood celebrities like Preeti Zinta, Sharukh Khan and business tycoons like Mukesh Ambani own the IPL teams, which adds extra fun to the game and makes it more interesting. Fans of these celebrities also see and support the tournament.

One state vs the other state

IPL matches mean one state vs the other state of India. All the IPL teams are named after an Indian state. The people from each state want to see their home state going against each other and see them winning. This is why IPL has become insanely popular in India because you don’t find such things in different tournaments.

Famous cricketers play against each other.

Where would you see impeccable players like Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle in the same team? It can only happen in the IPL!

In IPL matches, all the famous cricket players worldwide get united in the teams, which is fun to see. The international players attracted global viewership and made the IPL famous all over the world.

You will find new faces.

How do you think players like Hardik Pandya and Yuzvendra Chahal made it to the Indian team? It was because of the IPL matches after people saw their fantastic performance in the IPL matches. People especially watch the IPL matches to see the young talent of India.

Why do Indian bettors want to bet on betting sites with UPI?

Now we know why people love to watch IPL but do you know why people love to bet on the UPI betting sites. It is because of the following benefits offered by UPI.

You can transfer funds for free.

A transaction fee of 1-2% is charged when you make a transfer with your debit/credit cards, whereas some banks charge 5% to make a bank transfer. These amounts are not large, but it would cut a pinch of money from your quantity.

With UPI, you don’t need to pay anything for making a transfer. That’s what drove sites like upibetting.com to success as they work with upi casinos and betting sites in India.

Your bank account is safe.

Online banking frauds are not an alien concept to Indians. Now and then, we get to hear about an online fraud that scares others to come online and make a transfer. Due to this reason, people become reluctant to share their banking and card details with anyone. UPI has solved the problem from the root itself. You only have to share your UPI ID, and the person can make a transfer.

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UPI is more secure

UPI is more secure than other online payment methods. It allows you to transfer money without trying to swim in the ocean of worries. The UPI is optimised to become a secure payment method in India. Nobody can make a transfer from your bank account until and unless they know your UPI PIN and UPI apps ask twice before confirming a transaction. 

With UPI, it is like making the payment with one app and many accounts.

With UPI, you can connect various bank accounts with one UPI app. You don’t need different apps to manage your bank accounts and make payments from them. However, you can create a default account to complete payment all the time.

Cashbacks and Rewards

UPI awards you with a cashback or a reward after you make a transfer. This can lure customers, but people love all the handouts they are getting from the UPI apps.

You get a pool of options to choose from

You will be getting various UPI apps like PhonePe, Paytm, G Pay to choose from. If one app’s servers are down, you can switch to another app and make a transfer.

How has IPL fever led to the rise in UPI betting sites in India?

Now you know why IPL is popular in India and why Indian punters love betting with UPI apps. Placing bets on UPI betting sites is famous because UPI is a top-rated app in India, and it is convenient to make a transfer while betting. Here are a few of how the popularity of IPL led to the rise in popularity of UPI betting sites.

  • IPL fans want to place bets with a convenient payment method that does not charge any money on each transaction.
  • UPI apps reward IPL fans with cashback and coupons that allow them to get some benefit while betting.
  • IPL fans drive fans to the UPI betting sites because of the convenience as only with one UPI PIN you can place bets.

Place bets on betting sites with UPI

Sites like upibetting.com are allowing the Indian bettors to choose the best UPI betting site and place a bet online. Such sites are publishing guides and betting site reviews to ensure that Indian punters do not face any issue while placing bets.