SL Vs NED: Farveez Maharoof Calls Sri Lanka's Batting 'Pathetic' After Dramatic Collapse Against Australia

Updated - 17 Oct 2023, 05:46 PM

Australia beat Sri Lanka by Five Wickets
Australia beat Sri Lanka by Five Wickets (Credits:X)

In a rather perplexing turn of events, Sri Lanka was off to a flying start in their ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 match against Australia, only to end up being all out for 209 runs, which led to a stinging defeat by five wickets. The dramatic change in fortune left many cricket enthusiasts and analysts scratching their heads, including former Sri Lankan cricketer Farveez Maharoof, who minced no words in criticizing his team’s batting performance.

Initially, Sri Lanka seemed to be cruising, having reached an impressive score of 125 for no loss after 21 overs. They had capitalized on winning the toss and electing to bat first, taking full advantage of the favorable batting conditions. The openers appeared to have laid a solid foundation, and hopes were high for a substantial total.

However, the situation took a stark turn as the first wicket fell at 125, marking the beginning of a disconcerting collapse. In just eight overs, four wickets tumbled, and Sri Lanka’s innings seemed to unravel before their eyes. Maharoof, who was clearly exasperated by the turn of events, did not mince his words when he labeled the batting display as “absolutely pathetic.”

“Absolutely pathetic batting display after the first wicket fell. Gotta be said, because when you win the toss, bat first, just what the doctor ordered. First wicket down at 125, in what 21.4 overs or something like that, and you know, batting so well, and all of a sudden four wickets just fall in no time within eight overs,” he stated

Maharoof emphasized that for a team to compete on the global stage, especially in events as prestigious as the World Cup, such batting performances were entirely unacceptable. He pointed out that Sri Lanka had been handed an ideal opportunity to set a challenging total but let it slip away due to a combination of inexperience, questionable stroke-making, and questionable planning.

“If you want to compete and contest in World events such as the World Cup, against top teams, you can’t be playing this kind of cricket, which is not acceptable in my opinion because good batting conditions, Australia are under pressure with the past performances and all of a sudden, you know, they looked like a million dollar team,” Maharoof further added

Farveez Maharoof Praised Australia’s Performance Against Sri Lanka

On the other hand, Australia, who had been under pressure due to their previous performances, seized the opportunity and transformed into a formidable unit. They exhibited unwavering determination and unrelenting focus. What particularly caught Maharoof’s attention was Australia’s fielding display, which he lauded for its energy and remarkable catches. He highlighted the transformative power of a great catch, one of the defining moments of a cricket match that can shift the momentum in favor of the team that takes the catch.

“So just a matter of inexperience shown in the batting display as well as some of the stroke making was questionable, some of the planning was questionable, but full marks to Australia. They came out with a plan, you know, they never let go after the first 21 overs. They always stayed in the game, and the big difference for me was the fielding display. A lot of energy, good catches being taken, and this is what can happen. Change of momentum from a good catch and all of a sudden that can be seen quite regularly,” he concluded

Australia’s ability to maintain the pressure and consistently stay in the game was a crucial aspect of their victory. It was this sustained pressure and the remarkable fielding that, in Maharoof’s eyes, made Australia look like a “million-dollar team” on the field. The difference in fielding intensity and energy between the two teams became glaringly evident as the match unfolded.

In the world of cricket, particularly in high-stakes events like the World Cup, such abrupt shifts in momentum and fortunes are not unusual. This game serves as a reminder that in cricket, no matter how favorable the conditions or how promising the start, one cannot underestimate the unpredictable nature of the sport.

Sri Lanka’s dramatic collapse and Australia’s resurgence in this match underscore the fine margins that separate triumph from defeat at the highest level of international cricket. It’s a lesson not only for Sri Lanka but for all teams competing in the World Cup – consistency, focus, and an unwavering commitment to excellence are the keys to success in this unforgiving sport.


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