Asia Cup 2018: Pakistan, Sri Lanka Poor Show is Matter of Concern - Sourav Ganguly

Updated - 28 Sep 2018, 03:42 PM

Sourav Ganguly, Ravindra Jadeja, Vijay Shankar
Sourav Ganguly (Credits - AFP)

Gone are those days when Sri Lanka and Pakistan used to be the top nuts in the game of cricket. However, after the retirement by the few stalwarts of the game, the graph for them has gradually gone down. Speaking of the same, Sourav Ganguly feels it is a real matter of concern.

During the course, the teams like Afghanistan and Bangladesh have grown from strength to strength in the world. They have developed the habit of winning the games against top-quality sides to show their class across the globe.

It is important to assess the issues – Sourav Ganguly

The former Indian skipper quoted that the downfall of Sri Lanka, Windies and Pakistan is the real concern which needs to be sorted out quickly. He recalled the times when those teams were called the giants of the game.

Sri Lanka,, Asia Cup 2018, Sourav Ganguly
Sri Lanka (Credits – AFP)

Sourav Ganguly went on to add that it needs the good heads of the former players to assess the situation. Meanwhile, he lauded the emergence of Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

“As much as Bangladesh’s resurgence and Afghanistan’s emergence is good news for the game, the quality of cricket displayed by Pakistan and Sri Lanka – the giants of Asia – has left a massive dent in world cricket. It should be a matter of concern the way teams like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the West Indies have stayed below par over such a long period of time,” Sourav Ganguly wrote for Times of India.

Bangladesh, India, Bangladesh's predicetd XI
Bangladesh (Credits – AFP)

”It seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel for them in the near future. They have given us stalwarts in the game in the past and it’s important that good heads come together to assess the issues plaguing them,” Ganguly added.

However, as Sourav Ganguly cited, it is really important for Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Windies to up their game. With the game being globalised gradually, the poor performance may lead to the disinterest for the fans as well.


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