MS Dhoni, KL Rahul, Review
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KL Rahul went for a berserk reverse sweep when he was batting well on 60 runs. Rahul was struck in line and had not got any bat on the ball. Thus, the right-hander was plumbed in front by Rashid Khan. However, the flamboyant batsman who got his first chance of the tournament went for the review after discussing with his partner Dinesh Karthik.

It was all three reds on the Hawkeye and Rahul had to go back to the pavilion. Therefore, India went on to lose its only available review. Meanwhile, India’s captain MS Dhoni decided to promote himself to the number four position.

KL Rahul
KL Rahul took an unnecessary review. (Photo credit should read ISHARA S. KODIKARA/AFP/Getty Images)

Dhoni had to walk back.

However, Dhoni was struck on the pads when he was on just eight runs. The ball was going down the leg side and was clearly missing the stumps. Nevertheless, the umpire decided to give the decision in favour of the bowler.

Consequently, Dhoni could not make use of the Decision Review System as no referrals were remaining. Subsequently, the Indian skipper had to walk back to the pavilion. Meanwhile, the level of umpiring hasn’t been great in the ongoing Asia Cup 2018. In fact, the on-field umpires had gone to the third umpire even after a batsman has crossed the stumps while returning back to the crease.

MS Dhoni, KL Rahul, Review
MS Dhoni. (Photo by Tharaka Basnayaka/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Meanwhile, MS Dhoni is captaining India for the 200th time in ODI cricket. Afghanistan has set up a target of 253 runs in front of the Men in Blue and India is currently at 184-4 at the end of 34 overs.

Thus, India should be able to get to the target.

Here is how Twitter reacted to MS Dhoni’s dismissal:

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