Asia Cup 2023 Cricket News

For sponsorship reasons, the Asia Cup 2023 was also known as the Super 11 Asia Cup 2023 Cricket. It was the 16th edition of the men’s Asia Cup cricket competition. One Day Internationals (ODIs) were the format for the matches of the Cricket Asia Cup 2023, with Pakistan serving as the official host and Sri Lanka serving as co-host for some of the games involving India.

The 2023 Asia Cup Cricket took place in Sri Lanka and Pakistan from August 30, 2023, to September 17, 2023. Six teams competed in the Asia Cup Cricket 2023. They were the reigning champions, Sri Lanka. With four games being played in Pakistan and the rest nine being played in Sri Lanka, Asiacup2023 it was the first Asia Cup to be hosted across different nations.

Cricket Asia Cup 2023 FAQs:

Which two teams played in the Asia Cup 2023 final?

India and Sri Lanka played the Cricket Asia Cup 2023 final.

Which team won the Asia Cup 2023 Cricket final?

India won the Asia Cup Cricket 2023 final.

Where was the Asia Cup 2023 played?

Asia Cup 2023 was played in Sri Lanka and Pakistan.