Cricket in Olympics? It may be a Reality in 2028

Cricket, one of the most popular sports after football, may very well find itself a big part of the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. The International Cricket Council (ICC) finally formed an Olympic committee to explore the feasibility. A difference of

Aussie Christian Speaks Out Against Racism in Cricket

Dan Christian, an Indigenous Australian all-rounder who’s represented his country on the international stage 35 times, spoke out against racism he’s faced in cricket during a recent appearance on an Australian panel show commissioned by Cricket Australia. Appearing on the broadcast Cricket

The Hundred: How does England’s new cricket league work?

England’s all-new cricket league, The Hundred, was supposed to begin in the summer of 2020. Due to circumstances out of the England and Wales Cricket Board’s control, the debut season was postponed until next year. Still, the excitement over the new 100-ball


How did MS Dhoni prepare for the IPL 2020 campaign?

The Indian Premier League’s 13th edition may be postponed currently – and a start date may be up in the air – but the cricketers that were set to play in the 2020 campaign are still making headlines. Renowned Indian wicketkeeper MS


Most Interesting Cricket Matches

Throughout cricket’s long history, there have been many unbelievable matches and incidents on the field. Many avid cricket fans find it difficult to forget these matches, always reminiscing about the incredible past games. When it comes to domestic games, international or world

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