Cricket Betting Tips And Tricks

The introduction of shorter formats in the game and the various leagues all over the world has enhanced Cricket Betting Tricks to a whole different level. Indian Premier League (IPL) and Big Bash League (BBL) are among the most popular leagues in World Cricket currently. There are also other famous T20 leagues across the globe such as the English T20 Blast, Caribbean Premier League (CPL), Pakistan Super League, and many more.

History of Cricket & Cricket Betting:

The gentlemen’s game originated in southeast England in the late 16th century and soon went on to become England’s national sport. It grabbed global attention in the 19th and 20th centuries. Cricket is currently the World’s second-most popular sport, next to Football. Originated from England and over a hundred countries play cricket at present.

As the craze for the game increased with time, gamblers started taking an active interest in Tricks For Cricket Betting. Cricket had become a significant gambling sport by the end of the 17th century. In fact, during the first half of the 18th century, press reports tended to focus on the Betting Tricks In Cricket rather than the in-play.

Cricket was introduced to India by the mariners of the East India Company (EIC) in the first half of the 18th century. The game soon caught the attention and attraction throughout the world.

To believe the documents, the origins of Cricket Betting Tips And Tricks date back to the mid-1600s when it was one of the most common activities of the people. The craze for cricket betting was so intense that Parliament had to impose monetary restrictions on Cricket Betting Tricks. In 1664, the Parliament introduced the Gaming Act which restricted the stakeholders to place a maximum stake of £100 on a match. Tricks For Cricket Betting wasn’t limited to England, it soon spread across the globe wherever Cricket was played. Betting Tricks In Cricket has grown exponentially over the years and stands as one of the biggest gaming activities at present times.

Introduction of T20 and it’s Impact on Cricket Betting:

The introduction of shorter formats in the game and the various leagues all over the world have enhanced the Cricket Betting Tips And Tricks activity to a whole different level. Indian Premier League and Big Bash League are among the most popular leagues in World Cricket currently.

The T20 league games are filled with international players from across the globe and are played at a fast pace, with massive audiences, fireworks, live music, eye-catching display boards, and scorecards to add flavours to the game. It offers a wide range of entertainment for the fans as well as creates huge betting opportunities for stakeholders.

The introduction of online sports betting has further drilled the accessibility section of Cricket Betting Tricks and it has become easier than ever to place bets for cricket enthusiasts throughout the world. An extensive variety of online betting firms are available, with top-class punters wagering tons of money on it each second.

Online Betting Firms:

The online betting firms have the features of live in-play and in-running betting opportunities which have made the cricket betting activity for the stakeholders even more lustrous and festive. The odds on the in-play bets are often higher and more lucrative than the before-play bets. It also helps the punters with insights, stats, and numbers regarding a player’s current form and helps them to place an informed bet, which in turn enhances their chances of winning.

They offer a number of exciting in-play Tricks For Cricket Betting such as predicting the match winner, next played to get out, method of dismissal, top batsman for the next player, total runs, toss winner, as well as team bets such as which team will score the most boundaries (fours and sixes), which team will score the most in the powerplays, and the list goes on.

The Betting Tricks In Cricket possibilities are simply limitless and offer bettors the ideal opportunity of betting on a stake that they feel satisfied with.

Tips to enhance your chances of winning:

1) Place bets on matches that you have a thorough knowledge of. Avoid placing bets on all the leagues and games, be selective in your approach.
2) Prefer becoming league-specific. Professional or seasoned bettors mainly target a specific league and spend their time studying the league deeply. For example, few punters only try their hands at IPL.
3) Filter the betting apps properly. Compare the odds they provide, the bonus they offer, rebates, accumulators, etc.
4) Use reliable sources for gathering stats, records, ground reports, head-to-head numbers, etc. before the game commences.
5) You may also take the help of Cricket Blogs and articles that carry information and stats in them.
6) Data is often considered a reliable source for pre-match betting. Always trust the numbers and stats over gut feeling.
7) Divide your total investment amount into at least 5 parts, so that you have a backup even if the bet doesn’t go your way.
8) Study as many stats and numbers regarding the game as possible. The backing of stats will make you an informed bettor and in turn, will also help you have an edge over your opponents/competitors more often than not.
9) Prefer avoiding bets that include a cent per cent of luck. Toss winners, Scores in Odds or Even, etc are some of these.
10) Be consistent in following and analyzing the games of the league that you decide to stake on.
11) Wait for the odds to fall in your favour. It’s important to wait for the perfect time to extract the maximum profit.

Some of the Common Bets to stake on:

1) Match Winner Prediction:

It is one of the most reliable bets to place on, with the bettor having all the stats and numbers regarding the players, ground, match, and current performances.

2) Highest Scorer of the match:

The stake is put on the player that one feels will score the maximum runs in the game.

3) Most Wickets:

The bowler will pick the most wickets in the match. In a T20 game, it is advised to go with any of the death-over bowlers as the chances of them picking wickets are really high.

4) In-Play Bets are another common form of modern-day betting. Wagers on the Next Batsman Out, Method of Next Dismissal, Runs Off Next Ball, etc. are the types of stakes included in this.

5) Player of the match:

Out of the 22 players that take on the field, only one will be adjudged the player of the match so the odds are pretty high here.

Some Famous Online Betting Apps:

1) Bet365:

It is one of the oldest as well as trusted online betting apps across the globe. Almost all types of bets are allowed to be placed here.

2) Betway:

Another online cricket betting app has served the purpose of helping the punters with additional information regarding the game.

3) 1xBet:

One of the most popular apps among Indian stakeholders is 1xBet. The app provides good value for accumulators, decent odds for the games, and also accepts deposits in almost all online payment forms.

4) 22Bet:

The eye-catching feature of this app is the variety of bets that it offers its users to stake on. It also provides a good joining bonus for new users. A bonus of 100% up to Rs 10,000 is offered by the app.

5) Come on!:

The deposit bonus is one of the highest on this app for newcomers. It also runs lucrative deposit offers, especially during the IPL.

Scope of Cricket Betting:

The contagious spirit of Cricket and Cricket Betting Tips And Tricks has only broadened around the world. IPL saw a viewership of nearly 110 million last year. In a country like India where Cricket is followed religiously and with no particular law that prohibits online betting on international apps (in countries where cricket betting is legal), the multitude of the field is forecasted to reach abundant heights in the near future. Recent times have also witnessed Cricket Betting turning into a professional business from a mere recreational activity.

Yes, cricket betting is profitable.

Ranbir Ranjan Roy is the biggest tipper in India.

Yes, cricket betting is easy.