5 Instances When MS Dhoni Lost His Cool On The Cricket Field
5 Instances When MS Dhoni Lost His Cool On The Cricket Field.
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The legendary MS Dhoni was one of the coolest people that you can see on the cricket pitch and there have been instances when even he last lost his temper in situations. Dhoni broke the long wait for an ICC Worldcup win with the 2007 T20 Worldcup win and 2011 50 over Worldcup win.

Dhoni had an excellent ability to absorb pressure and he always took the game to the last over in chases to keep the bowler under pressure and use it to his advantage. He always was a brilliant captain behind the stumps with setting the field and anticipating what the batsmen were going to do. He mostly did not show emotions on the field but, here are 5 instances when MS Dhoni lost his cool on the cricket field.

5 Instances When MS Dhoni Lost His Cool On The Cricket Field:

India vs South Africa (2018)

India cricket team
Manish Pandey and Dhoni incident[photo: Twitter]
Dhoni is one of the quickest runners in between the wickets if not the quickest and he is excellent in converting the two’s into three’s and singles into two’s. He always works hard on his fitness and has a natural physique that suits him to run really fast.

In a T20 international against South Africa at the centurion in 2018, Dhoni and Manish Pandey formed a 98 run partnership, and in the 19th over of the innings, Dhoni wanted a double which Pandey hadn’t taken notice of and eventually had to settle down for a single. Dhoni was very furious with Pandey for not showing intent in running and it was evident in the stump mic.

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