Aakash Chopra mocks Pakistan cricket with 'ghee on fire' take on Gary Kirsten controversy

Published - 19 Jun 2024, 05:12 PM | Updated - 19 Jun 2024, 05:13 PM

Gary Kirsten, Aakash Chopra and Haris Rauf
Gary Kirsten, Aakash Chopra and Haris Rauf. Image Credit: Getty Images/Instagram

In a fiery and controversial take on Gary Kirsten’s revelations, former Indian batter and commentator Aakash Chopra has ignited a storm with his sensational statement on the internal strife within the Pakistan cricket team during the ongoing ICC T20 World Cup 2024.

Chopra recounted alleged comments made by Pakistan head coach Kirsten, suggesting that the team is plagued by deep-rooted divisions and backbiting, and it was quite visible during their short journey in the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024.

Kirsten revealed that the Pakistan cricket team is divided into groups, with players more focused on undermining each other than playing as a cohesive unit. The South African master also claimed that there was no camaraderie or unity in the team.

Reacting to the former Indian head coach’s comments, Chopra mentioned that Kirsten might have denied making such statements, but Pakistan cricket is like a strainer, and everybody is well aware of their situation, but his revelations have further damaged the team’s image.

Aakash Chopra claims Gary Kirsten exposes Pakistan Cricket Team's infighting

Chopra's remarks would certainly add fuel to an already raging fire of criticism and scrutiny the Pakistan cricket team has been facing ever since they failed to qualify for the Super-8 stage of the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024.

He also said that failures are magnified and orphaned in Pakistan cricket, with no one taking responsibility, and Kirsten’s revelations worked like 'ghee on fire' to unveil the escalating turmoil and rift within the team.

Aakash Chopra said on his YouTube channel: “Allegedly Gary Kirsten has said the Pakistan team is not a team at all, that they are looking to pull each other’s' legs, there are groups created and everyone is divided, they play together but don't do anything like playing together, the five fingers don't combine to make a fist.

It's been said that he said that in the dressing room and that thing has come out. Gary Kirsten has probably said that he didn't say anything like that but Pakistan cricket is like a strainer. Whatever you put, it leaks from the other end. Since it's about Pakistan cricket and a bad campaign, you are reminded of one thing - success has many fathers and failure is an orphan. It's worked like ghee on fire.”

Aakash Chopra condemns fan abuse of Haris Rauf, says fans must maintain decency and respect

Meanwhile, Aakash Chopra also reacted to the recent incident involving Pakistani pacer Haris Rauf, where a fan allegedly verbally abused him and his family. Chopra slammed the fan by stressing the importance of maintaining respect and decency, both in person and online, when criticizing players.

The cricket pandit revealed that he had watched the viral video clip of the altercation but expressed uncertainty about its authenticity or any possible edits. However, Chopra stressed that, whether it be Rauf, Virat Kohli, or Steve Smith, they always try to perform their best, and even if they fail on the field, it is unacceptable to make personal attacks or involve their families.

He mentioned that fans should refrain from making disrespectful comments directly to players or through digital platforms. Chopra urged fans to maintain dignity and use respectful language, even when expressing disappointment or criticism.

However, he admitted that while fans may feel heartbroken due to their emotional and financial investment in the team or players, criticism should be conveyed in a manner that reflects the respect one would show to their own family.


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