Andrew Strauss Wants Ashes To Go Ahead, Hopes To Confirm Australia Allowing England Team's Families
Andrew Strauss. (Credits: Twitter)

Former England captain Andrew Strauss has voted for the Ashes to go ahead without postponement and he wanted to make sure Australia allows the England team’s families. This has been the talk of the hour as Australia hasn’t been allowing families at the moment due to Covid issues and with the Ashes coming up at Christmas time, a lot of players could end up missing out on the series.

The Covid- protocols have been really strict and it has taken a toll on the mental health of the players too. The quarantine procedures and isolation may demand a lot from the player’s point of view and the families staying with the players could be the only solution to a full-fledged series taking place. There has been a lot of doubts over the Ashes being held in the month of December.

The Ashes 2019
The Ashes 2019 was retained by Australia (Image Credit: Twitter)

“I Wouldn’t Want A Postponement” – Andrew Strauss

Andrew Strauss notified that he would want to make sure the player have their families around during the Ashes instead of postponing the entire series. He added that it would be tough for the players to chose between their profession and their family at Christmas times.

“No, I wouldn’t want a postponement, I would want to make sure that the players’ families can get there,”The last thing anyone wants is players having to make that choice between ‘my family can’t come and therefore I’m not going to go’ or ‘I’m going to go,”’ said Andrew Strauss during an event to promote the forthcoming #RedForRuth day at Lord’s.

Alastair Cook And Andrew Strauss
Alastair Cook And Andrew Strauss (Image Credit: Twitter)

Andrew Strauss Reveals The Solution

Andrew Strauss mentioned that the only solution to the problem would be to convince the Australian authorities to bring the families and noted that Cricket Australia and ECB together should work on this part. He added that the boards might find an easier way to get the families in with the players.

“The solution to this is to find some sort of middle ground between the Australian Government, Cricket Australia, and the ECB, to make it as easy as possible for families to get out there and to have as few restrictions as possible when they are over there,” Andrew Strauss added.

Andrew Strauss
Andrew Strauss. Image-Reuters.

The Ashes is scheduled to start on 8 December and the final start will go on from January 14th.