Anil Kumble Tweets In Support Of Wasim Jaffer Over Communal Bias Accusation

Anil Kumble Tweets In Support Of Wasim Jaffer Over Communal Bias Accusation

wasim jaffer
wasim jaffer[photo:cricfit]

Former Indian spinner Anil Kumble has tweeted in support of Former Indian batsman Wasim Jaffer who has been accused of communal bias during his coaching stint at Uttarakhand. Wasim Jaffer recently resigned as the coach of Uttarakhand after having issues with the selection committee giving preference to non-deserving players. Jaffer has been now accused of bringing communalism into the team by the players of Uttarakhand.

Cricket Association of Uttarakhand (CAU) secretary Mahim Verma and team manager Navneet Mishra had conflicts with Jaffer over team selection and they had revealed about Jaffer giving priority to Muslim players. Jaffer was accused of selecting Iqbal Abdulla as captain when the selection committee preferred Jay Bista as captain for the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. Jaffer responded that it was the selection committee that suggested Abdulla as captain.

Wasim Jaffer
Wasim Jaffer (Credits: Twitter)

Jaffer Not Happy With The Allegations Made Against Him

Mahim Verma had claimed that Jaffer brought in Maulavi inside the bio bubble and the selections are based on communal bias favouring Muslim players. Jaffer rubbed all of the accusations against him and defended himself in a press conference on Wednesday. He felt that the allegations are really serious and he told that he is really sad to speak about it.

“The allegations which have been made, these are serious allegations… The communal angle that has been levelled against me, that is very very sad, that I come and speak about it… you all know me and have seen me for a long time, so you all know how I am,”

“Had I been communal, why would have I brought Jay Bista as a professional? I even wanted to make him the captain. It was the selectors who felt that Iqbal Abdullah was a better candidate for captaincy since he was senior and had played IPL. I agreed with their suggestion.” Wasim Jaffer said in a press conference on Wednesday.

Wasim Jaffer
Wasim Jaffer (Credits: KXIP Twitter)

Kumble Agrees With Jaffer’s Comments

Anil Kumble tweeted that Jaffer did the right thing by stepping down as Uttarakhand Coach after the disputes raised against him by the selection committee. He told it will be unfortunate for the players who will be missing the mentorship of Wasim Jaffer who has been a great servant of domestic cricket.

“With you Wasim. Did the right thing. Unfortunately, it’s the players who’ll miss your mentorship,” Kumble tweeted.

Wasim Jaffer is the highest run-scorer in Ranji Trophy overall and will go down as one the greatest in the Indian domestic circuit.