Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan labelled innocent as Aakash Chopra exposes Pakistan's real weakness

Published - 15 Jun 2024, 02:51 PM | Updated - 15 Jun 2024, 03:15 PM

Aakash Chopra and Pakistan Cricket Team
Aakash Chopra and Pakistan Cricket Team. Image Credit: Instagram

Former Indian batter and cricket analyst, Aakash Chopra, has shared his scathing review of Pakistan's disappointing early exit from the ongoing ICC T20 World Cup 2024. Chopra criticized the Pakistan cricket team's batting lineup while highlighting significant flaws that led to their downfall in the tournament.

The commentator has indirectly said that Pakistani key players like Mohammad Rizwan, Babar Azam, and Iftikhar Ahmed look outdated in T20 cricket. However, they are good enough in the ODI format, but the fastest-growing T20 cricket demands more from them.

Aakash Chopra deems Pakistan’s batting 'Extremely Ordinary' in the ICC T20 World Cup 2024

However, Chopra mentioned that apart from Rizwan, Babar, and Iftikhar, Pakistan's batting order lacked depth and firepower, and this aspect played a major role in their early exit from the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024. He said that there is nothing in Pakistan’s batting line-up.

He further expressed disappointment over Pakistan’s "extremely ordinary" batting performance in the mega ICC event, highlighting a lack of aggressive stroke-makers apart from Rizwan and Babar in their batting line-up. Chopra said that Pakistan’s batting order looked disorganized and ineffective.

The commentator also pointed out the absence of such players in the Pakistan team who could consistently score at a brisk pace or change the course of a match with aggressive batting, which ultimately led to their early elimination from the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024.

Aakash Chopra said on his YouTube channel: “Pakistan had a lot of shortcomings because if you see the batting order, what is there in your batting order? If you see it from an ODI cricket perspective, it is decent batting, which includes Mohammad Rizwan, Babar Azam, and Iftikhar Ahmed, but what else?

"There is nothing. I don't remember when we saw this team having such ordinary batting but this is extremely ordinary. There is no striker. You will, of course, see consistent players in Rizwan and Babar, but other than that, the batting order seemed to be a total disorder.”

Aakash Chopra slams Shadab Khan and Imad Wasim for letting Pakistan down in T20 World Cup 2024

Furthermore, Chopra criticized Shadab Khan's ineffective bowling form, saying he was completely flopping with the ball lately. The former Indian batter also noted that Iftikhar has not been contributing enough with the bat, failing to score runs when the team needed it. Even Pakistan recalled Imad Wasim, but did not make any impact in the tournament, said Cricket Pandit.

He was not also impressed much with the Pakistani bowlers’ performance in the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024, as he particularly mentioned their inability to defend 159 runs, and then they even lost the Super Over to the co-hosts, the USA, in their tournament opener in Dallas.

Chopra signed off by saying, “Shadab Khan's bowling is not working at all these days. Iftikhar Ahmed is not scoring runs. They called Imad Wasim for sure but he couldn't do anything. The bowling is still decent but what will you do with that? You could have done as 159 wasn't a bad total against the USA.

You could have defended that but you couldn't. Then you lost in the Super Over as well. Pakistan have a lot to think about. You have time to think. It seems like many Pakistan cricketers are waiting for them to lose so that they can criticize them. So, everyone is ready to criticize them now and they will be criticized wholeheartedly.”


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