Babar Azam the new Mohammad Amir? Pakistan captain accused of match-fixing after T20 World Cup 2024 disaster

Published - 19 Jun 2024, 09:56 PM | Updated - 19 Jun 2024, 09:57 PM

Babar Azam
Babar Azam {PC:X}

Famous Pakistan journalist Mubasher Lucman has accused Babar Azam of match-fixing after Pakistan's poor outing in the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024. He claimed that the captain of the team received expensive gifts, including an Audi E-Tron, and apartments in Australia and Dubai, in return for famous defeats. 

Pakistan captain Babar Azam has been under the scanner ever since Pakistan were eliminated from the ICC T20 World 2024. The Babar Azam-led side faced an early exit as they failed to go past the league stage and couldn't qualify for the Super 8 stage of the tournament. 

One of the major highlights of their campaign was the defeat that they suffered against the United States of America. It was the biggest upset in the history of cricket as they failed to step up with the bat and ball and went on to lose in the super over of the match. 

After that Pakistan then went on to lose the game against India. For the majority of the game, they had the game in their grasp but they failed to win the game. They lost the game by 6 runs as India snatched the win from the jaws of defeat at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York. 

The two back-to-back losses in the T20 World Cup 2024 meant that Pakistan got eliminated from the tournament. They were reliant on the United States of America to lose against Ireland but the game got washed out due to rain and it was curtains for them in the tournament. 

As Pakistan failed to reach the Super 8 of the tournament, Babar Azam faced a lot of criticism. There are even calls to sack him as the captain of the team. But the skewering has taken a new twist as the captain has now been accused of match-fixing. 

Famous Pakistan journalist Mubasher Lucman pointed out that Babar Azam got a new car recently, which according to the Pakistan captain was gifted to him by his brother. But the right-hander got it for losing the game against the USA. Taking to his Twitter account, he explained:

"A few days ago, you saw that Baba Azam's new Audi e-tron arrived. It is a very good car, I have also kept it. But they will get to know when its electric boards will start exploding in the rain. So, Baba Azam said that my brother had gifted it to me. So, since yesterday I have been wondering what his brother was doing. If he is gifting his brother a car worth 7-8 crores, then he must be doing a very good job. 

"So, I found out that he is doing nothing. So, I said, where did this car come from? he said. "If you don't get a plot in Australia if you don't get an apartment in Dubai, then who else will get?' he added.

If you don't get a plot in Australia if you don't get an apartment in Dubai, then who else will you get - Journalists' massive claim on Babar Azam

The journalist further went on to say that the captain even got plots in Australia and Dubai for losing the games. He also made a strong claim, saying that Saya Corporation is blackmailing the board. Elaborating on the same, he stated: 

"So, I said, this is a very strong allegation, witch. I said, who are you talking about? She said, I am talking about everyone, everyone knows. Who are the bookies in the Pakistan team? 

"And how did Saya Corporation used all of them to blackmail the board? How did they blackmail the board?  The last World Cup was taking place in India. Eight players said we don't want to do it. And the rest of the players, they said, the stand that we are taking, you have to stay with us. Your pay will also increase. Everyone got their contracts, 50 lakhs."


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