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The Ministry of Civil Aviation has granted permission to BCCI for the usage of drones to take aerial footage of the stadium and the nearby areas for the 2021 home season. Drones have already been used in the IPL to improvise on the Television coverage factor and it had been a very successful technology implemented. They have now become an integral part of cricket coverage and have been used regularly.

The drone rules have not been set yet and they are likely to be announced by March of this year. The home season is set to continue until December 2021 and hence the rules will be valid until that period. Despite the permission being granted to BCCI, the Indian cricket body will have to take permission from Defence Ministry, Home Ministry, and local authorities before their deployment.

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Drone[photo: odishabytes]

DGCA Grants Conditional Exemption To BCCI

Directorate General of Civil Aviation granted a conditional exemption to BCCI for the deployment of drones. A circular was generated stating that the BCCI will be responsible for the safety and security of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System and data collected through the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System. Also, it stated that any photographs/video graphs taken from drones can be used by BCCI only.

“BCCI shall take necessary permission regarding Aerial Photography from Directorate of Regulations and Information, DGCA or Ministry of Defence (as applicable). The photographs/ video graphs, taken through RPAS shall be used by BCCI only. BCCI shall be responsible for the safety and security of RPAS and data collected through RPAS,” the ministry stated in a circular.

BCCI[photo: Twitter]

Evolvement Of Drone Ecosystem

Shri Amber Dubey, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation said that the drone ecosystem is evolving at a very good pace in the nation and it has been used widely in various fields like agriculture, mining, healthcare and disaster management to sports and entertainment. He added that the government of India will take care of the usage of drones in the country.

“The drone ecosystem is evolving rapidly in our country. Its utilization is expanding from agriculture, mining, healthcare, and disaster management to sports and entertainment. The granting of this permission is in line with the objectives of the Government of India to promote the commercial use of drones in the country.” said Shri Amber Dubey.

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Shri amber dubey. [photo: youtube]
BCCI will be happy to get the services of drone system which will automatically innovate the television coverage.