Best Cricket Online Training Courses 2021

Best Cricket Online Training Courses 2021

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They say practice makes perfect, but how do you know if you are practising the right way? Repeatedly carrying out the wrong actions may not only prevent your progress, but it might even make you go backwards. One of the best ways to ensure you are practising in the most beneficial way is with an online training course.

Finding the right trainer is one of the surest ways of maximising your cricket skills. Doing so not only increases your enjoyment of the game but can also lead to financial rewards should you get good enough. Since cricket is huge in India, the rewards can be significant indeed.

Cricket Graph

Owned by Fineplay Sport Management, Cricket Graph has a large number of trainers to help with virtually every aspect of cricket. Specialist subjects include:

  • Batting
  • Spin bowling
  • Wicket keeping
  • Pace bowling
  • And many more.

Cricket Graph has a fabulous community of trainers to help you get better at the sport. They are so confident of their ability to improve your game that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you feel like their advice does not benefit you.

Coach Tube

Coach Tube offers a number of on-demand training videos that you can watch at your leisure. Most are free, so there is no downside to browsing their selection and picking up tactics to improve your skills. Examples of their handy tutorials include:

  • Intro to cricket
  • Cricket batting tips
  • How to leave the ball

Pitch Vision

Pitch Vision is a one-stop online training website with contributors from India and abroad. Here you’ll find a ton of information to help improve your skills, such as articles, podcasts, and a downloadable app. Pitch Vision offers a wealth of useful knowledge you can tap into at any time. They also sell vouchers that can be used to buy online coaching courses or book sessions with local Pitch Vision Academy coaches.

Karnataka Institute of Cricket

Karnataka Institute of Cricket ( KIOC ) is one of the best-known cricket academies in Bangalore where you can obtain training at any time of the year. Their team of over 40 coaches can help progress your batting and bowling skills via one to one sessions and more. Some of the top-class facilities at KIOC include:

  • Speed check radar
  • Video analysis
  • Bowling machines
  • Physiotherapy
  • Covered nets and indoor nets

While offline focused, KIOS’s website offers a variety of interesting information where you can also register with them.

Ultimate Cricket Batting Course: All Levels

For a reasonably priced one-off fee, you can access over 6.5 hours of on-demand video in this highly rated course at The course provides step-by-step visual guides and explanations on how to play shots while offering technical advice and tips. The course is for players of all skill levels to develop both physical and mental aspects of cricket, making you a better all-around player.

Other ways to enjoy cricket online

Cricket is big business, but not everybody turns pro. However, this does not mean the thrills have to stop because you cannot make it to the big time. There are a number of ways that cricket fans are finding entertainment online, and not just through training or playing. Two of the most popular alternative methods are fantasy cricket and online gambling. Regarding the latter, online gambling in India is not illegal, provided it is conducted at an offshore bookmaker. The same applies to online casinos such as which offers international hits and local Indian games that can be played for real money. With the widespread adoption of smartphones, Indians are turning online to get their cricket fix in different ways, in ever greater numbers.


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