Brad Hogg Accuses Umpire Of Provoking Tom Curran Which Led To The Player's Ban In BBL

Published - 22 Dec 2023, 07:04 PM | Updated - 23 Dec 2023, 10:08 AM

Tom Curran Running On The Pitch
Tom Curran Running On The Pitch

Tom Curran has been banned for four games after he confronted an umpire who was asking him to stop running on the pitch. Ahead of the match between Sydney Sixers and Hobart Hurricanes, Tom Curran was practising his run-up on the pitch where the match was supposed to be played. According to the rules, no one other than the umpires, coaches and the captain is allowed to be near the pitch before the start of the match.

Taking a run-up practice on the main pitch is not allowed according to the rules of the game but Tom Curran did that not only once but twice, taking up on the umpire with the second one. The umpire clearly asked him not to run on the pitch but he ran past the umpire who was standing near the crease so that Curran couldn’t complete his run-up.

Tom Curran was banned for four games for this stunt and was reprimanded by the BBL for his behaviour with the umpire. The umpire could be heard saying, “You could run here but not here” pointing towards the side of the pitch. However, former Australian spinner Brad Hogg believes that the umpire was also at fault as rather than going and talking to Curran, he stopped deliberately at the crease to intimidate Curran for a confrontation.

Brad Hogg tweeted, “Not Tom’s brightest moment but the umpires were at fault too, rather than walking closer to Tom in a non-confrontational manner with a smile to de-escalate the situation he stood in an intimidating manner seeming to look for confrontation.”

Watch- Brad Hogg’s Statement To Tom Curran’s Pitch-Running Incident

Tom Curran was found guilty of intimidating an umpire and was banned for four games in the Big Bash League. The English all-rounder has been bought by the Royal Challengers Bangalore for 1.50 crore in the IPL 2024 auction. Tom Curran was in good form taking a figures of 3/19 against Hobart Hurricanes. Brad Hogg has voiced his opinion on the matter saying that the ego was from both sides.

The umpire was standing right in front of Tom Curran trying to act as a barrier for his run-up but Tom Curran started his run-up and eventually ran through the umpire in order to complete his run-up. There was an ego clash from both ends and Tom Curran was reprimanded for his stunt with the umpire, trying to hamper the pitch.

Sydney Sixers has won three out of three matches in the BBL as of now and are currently second on the points table right behind Brisbane Heat who are ahead based on NRR. These incidents are not to be promoted and Tom Curran duly deserves the punishment he received. He has faced one match already and now he still has to face three matches being banned from the game.


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