Kevin Pietersen (Image Credits: Twitter)
Kevin Pietersen (Image Credits: Twitter)

Kevin Pietersen, a legend of English cricket, shared his thoughts on batters being dismissed at the non-striker’s end. Since the ICC has permitted it, the former English captain claimed that it can no longer be referred to as a controversy.

According to the 42-year-old, it will take time to accept it as a normal run-out.

Kevin Pietersen
Kevin Pietersen. (Photo: Twitter)

During the third and final One-Day International of the three-match series between India and England at The Lord’s last month, Indian star cricketer Deepti Sharma ran out England batter Charlotte Dean, sparking a huge uproar. English cricket legend Kevin Pietersen expressed his thoughts on the “Mankad” dismissal on Twitter (September 24).

Deepti Sharma and Charlotte Dean
Deepti Sharma and Charlotte Dean. Pic Credits: Twitter

Deepti used her game awareness to remove the bails at the non-end striker on the third ball of the 44th over in the nail-biting match played at the Home of Cricket when Dean attempted to leave the crease before the ball was delivered.

Many people praised Deepti’s strategy for getting rid of Dean, but current and former England cricketers didn’t think much of it and criticized the Indian star for her contentious decision. But Pietersen, one of the most illustrious players in English cricket history, recently voiced his opinions, and they differed from those of the others.

It’ll take time for us all to accept this: Kevin Pietersen

The former England captain, 42, claimed in a few tweets that the term “Mankad” no longer qualifies as a controversy because of the new rules, which define it as a form of dismissal.

“A ‘Mankad’ is now a run out according to the new rule change at the ICC. If it happens, a player is playing by the rules. It’ll take time for us all to accept this, but it can’t be a controversy anymore,” Pietersen said in his first tweet.

If a batter leaves the crease before the ball is delivered, the ICC permits players to dismiss him/her at the non-striker’s end This type of termination was previously known as “Mankad,” but after the amendment, it is now known as “run-out.”

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