Cricket At The Olympics?

Cricket At The Olympics?

Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium in UAE

Cricket fans worldwide have been dreaming of the day their favorite sport would be included in the Olympic Games. Fortunately for them, their dreams could turn into a reality much sooner than they’d expected.

An Olympic committee has been formed by the International Cricket Council (ICC) with a single agenda in mind: to explore, in detail, how and when cricket can make its debut and continue being part of the Olympic events.

The ICC has clearly set its eyes on the end game. It has also included member nations in the process by evaluating the financial implications and benefits of getting cricket into the Olympics. Fans of the sport may see their dreams come true during the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles if things go according to plan.

Before cricket makes its debut during the 2028 Olympics, there are many considerations to be made. First, there’s the financial commitment made by each ICC member nation that’ll be utilized to format the venues and the game. There’s also the matter of scheduling conflicts.

All this notwithstanding, it is still a significant boost for the sport to have an Olympic Committee to explore this idea’s possibility. Back in 1900, cricket was played in the event with Great Britain beating France. Since then, the game has been noticeably absent, and numerous other games have been experienced in the Olympics, much to the disdain of cricket enthusiasts.

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Support From BCCI

The BCCI (the Board of Control for Cricket in India) has supported the inclusion of the game during the 2028 Olympic Games in LA. However, they have also sought more details concerning governance from the IOC (International Olympics Committee).

The BCCI is significantly one of the worlds’ most potent cricket bodies. It is, however, approaching this matter cautiously and for valid reasons. The board is keen that there’s no conflict with the Indian Premier League or their international cricket schedule.

Even then, if all goes according to plan, the BCCI can be proud if their Men in Blue get the chance to represent the country at such a high level.

Significant Financial Gain?

There will be an additional fan following with the re-introduction of cricket to the Olympics. Consequently, advertising and broadcasting opportunities and lucrative sponsorship deals will follow. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world and is second to football. To experience both these sports in the Olympics will be a magnificent sight, and all significant franchises, businesses, and big brands will want to be part of this.

There is also likely to be a massive spike in cricket sites on sportsbetting24, even if the odds aren’t likely to change from regular international series. Betting is still expected to have some intense and exhilarating action because it is a once-in-four-year event. This might additionally increase tax revenues and viewership.

Finally, cricket will also have the chance to stamp its name on the global map. Once it is an Olympic sport, it is expected that more potential member nations will show acceptance for the sport and try to develop it in their respective countries from the grassroots.

When it comes to viewership, there will now be a new, untapped fan base that’ll be available not just for the games at the Olympics but for regular tours as well.

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As cricket fans wait for the decision on whether their favorite sport will be incorporated into the Olympics come 2028, all eyes are on the Olympic Committee formed by the ICC to present their findings. Meanwhile, we expect a decision four years before the Olympic Games in 2028.