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Last Update on: December 27th, 2020 at 04:44 pm

Former Indian spin-bowler Bishan Singh Bedi has threatened legal action against the DDCA (Delhi & District Cricket Association) if his name is not eradicated from the spectators’ stands at the Arun Jaitely Stadium with immediate effect. Bishan Singh Bedi penned down a letter to the association, blasting them for a statue of its late former President Arun Jaitley at the Kotla. The absence of any response provoked Bedi to write another letter.

Bishan Singh Bedi has been highly unsatisfied with DDCA’s cutlure, accusing them of promoting nepotism, putting administrators ahead of the players, and rejecting the body’s membership. He wrote a letter earlier to DDCA President Rohan Jaitley, the son of the late politician Arun Jaitley. Arun Jaitley, who has served as the finance minister of India and a part of BJP, passed away last year due to several health issues.

Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi
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Bishan Singh Bedi reminded that it has been few days since he wrote a letter to them and claimed that he had plenty of support from the cricketing fraternity. According to him, it is disappointing not to have any response from them. The former Indian cricketer threatened that if they take no action soon enough, he would be forced to resort to legal recourse.

“It’s been a few days since I wrote to you. While within minutes of my letter going public I had the overwhelming support of the cricket fraternity across the globe. But I’m sad there’s been no reaction from you. I hope in our country people still have a right to decide as individuals what they wish to be associated with & where their name plates can hang with dignity. Please don’t push me to take legal recourse,” Bedi wrote in the letter said as quoted by Times Now

I hope you will have the basic courtesy to reply to a former cricketer: Bishan Singh Bedi

Bishan Singh Bedi, England Cricket Team
Bishan Singh Bedi (Credits: Twitter)

The 74-year old also criticised the nepotism that prevails in the association, accusing Rohan Jaitley of occupying the position due to his family name. The Amritsar-born hopes to receive a concrete response from them and cater to his needs.

“Your inexplicable silence also underlines guilt of occupying a position of power solely because of your family name, which, you obviously wish to promote, come what may. Finally, I hope you will have the basic courtesy to reply to a former cricketer who is not asking for a favor but wants his cricketing integrity not to be bartered away,” he added.

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