Don't Understand The Moaning And Groaning About The Pitch: Vivian Richards On The Ahmedabad Wicket

Don’t Understand The Moaning And Groaning About The Pitch: Vivian Richards On The Ahmedabad Wicket

Sir Viv Richards
Sir Viv Richards. (Photo: Getty Images)

Former West Indian captain and batsman Vivian Richards has been left baffled due to the Ahmedabad pitch accusations after the third Test between India and England. In what proved to be the shortest Test since 1935, it lasted only two days as India wrapped up a ten-wicket victory. Vivian Richards feels that teams should come prepared to face spinning tracks since they are going to play in India.

Following the end of the pink-ball Test, several former cricketers took to social media and slammed the curators for preparing such a pitch. While Sunil Gavaskar, Kevin Pietersen, Graeme Swann, and Jonathan Trott have defended the track and called for better batting techniques, few others like David Lloyd, Alastair Cook, and Andrew Strauss have expressed their unhappiness. Monty Panesar has called for ICC to dock India’s points if they serve the same surface for the fourth Test.

Ollie Pope of England (BCCI)
Ollie Pope of England (BCCI)

Vivian Richards revealed that he faced several questions about the second and third Test between India and England, expressing dissatisfaction about the pitches. The Antiguan communicated that the ones complaining should realise that at times, players face seaming or bouncy decks when deliveries jump off a good length and they try to cope up with it.

“I’ve been asked questions recently about the Test match that was played in India… the second and third Test match against England. And I am a little confused about the question really because there seems to be a lot of moaning and groaning about the wicket that they were playing on. I just felt that the ones who are moaning, in my opinion, should realise that there are times that you’re going to get a seaming track, a ball that is basically jumping off a good length and everyone thinks that’s a problem for batters. There are times batters sometimes cope with that,” Richards said as quoted by Times Now.

This is another side of the coin guys: Vivian Richards

Don't Understand The Moaning And Groaning About The Pitch: Vivian Richards On The Ahmedabad Wicket
Vivian Richards. (Credits: Twitter)

Vivian Richards underlined that there is a reason the format is called since Test cricket because it examines your mind, skills, and everything else when players compete. The 68-year old reminded when teams travel to India, they should prepare to play turners instead of complaining. Hence, Richards advised England to accept the challenge and work on things and have reason enough to believe to see such conditions even in the final Test.

“But now you’ve seen the other side, and this is why I think it was given the name Test match cricket, because of the test of the mind and will and everything else that goes with it when you’re competing. And the complaints have been that the wicket is spinning too much and all that sorts of stuff. This is another side of the coin guys. People seem to forget that if you’re going to India, you should expect that. You are going to spin land. You should basically prepare yourself to know what you’re going to encounter

Rather than the moaning and groaning, especially just recently how quickly that Test match was over. It gives England an opportunity and a chance to assess things, to believe that for some reason the wicket that they’re going to encounter in the fourth Test is going to be the same. If I was India or I had anything to do with the preparations of the wicket, I would bring in very much the same,” he added.

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