Nasser Hussain
Nasser Hussain (Image Credit: Twitter

Former England cricketer Nasser Hussain has opined his views on Virat Kohli not being able to cope up with the swing bowling of England swing bowlers and analyzed the dismissals of the Indian skipper. Virat has shown signs of his poor form in the 2014 tour but the difference is he has been getting good starts in the ongoing series.

He looked very fluent and played with a lot of conviction on the third day but he again looked very ordinary when the new ball was taken on the fourth day. Virat Kohli is an important part of the Indian batting setup and his contributions will be crucial in setting up a win for India against England especially. Nasser Hussain has come up with his views on Kohli’s poor dismissals on Daily Mail.

Nasser Hussain
Nasser Hussain (Image Credit: Twitter

Nasser Hussain Feels Kohli Has Some Technical Issue

Nasser Hussain mentioned that Kohli has been playing at balls that he should have left and stressed on the backfoot positioning of Virat Kohli which has been the area of technical issue for the Indian skipper. He also added Kohli has struggled to pick the line of the English new-ball attack, James Anderson and Ollie Robinson.

“Kohli has played at balls he could be leaving, he seems to have that slight technical issue I highlighted in these pages with the positioning of his back foot and he is not picking up the line of Anderson and Robinson.” Nasser Hussain wrote on

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli (Image Credit: Twitter)

Nasser Hussain Reckons Kohli Is Unsure Of Playing Or Leaving

Nasser Hussain mentioned that Kohli had gone through the third day with leaving the old ball and had survived easily while he faced the heat on the fourth day. It has become a pattern for Kohli to knick the deliveries which he should have left alone and Nasser lauded the English bowlers for sticking with the tough lines against Kohli.

“He did go through a spell on the third day, admittedly against an older ball, where he was leaving it well. But it’s harder to leave the new ball because it swings later, and he was out again on Saturday in a familiar manner.”

“Kohli is not sure whether to play or leave and whether to set himself for the inswinger or not. He doesn’t know what to do. It’s high class bowling and it’s not going to get any easier for him.” He added

James Anderson, Virat Kohli
James Anderson after picking up Virat Kohli’s wicket. (Image: Twitter)

India will have to come out hard on the fourth test as they were humiliated in the hands of the English team in the Headingly test.

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