Security Breach For Third Time Is Most Disturbing, Says Sunil Gavaskar
Security Breach For Third Time Is Most Disturbing, Says Sunil Gavaskar

Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar expressed his annoyance at ‘Jarvo69’ who made his third appearance of the series, and also said this is a concern for the ECB that their security has been breached thrice in a series.

Daniel Jarvis, a British prankster Youtuber, has made quite a name for himself after he successfully managed to enter the playing field three times in this series – at Lord’s, then Headingley, and now at The Oval.

This time, however, he seems to have taken his antics over the line: he ran across the field, towards the middle with a ball in his hand; while throwing the ball at the striker’s end, he lost his balance and bumped into non-striker Jonny Bairstow, who was utterly miffed with this act.

India, England
“Jarvo 69” (Photo: Twitter)

He was, then, arrested on “suspicion of assault” by the South London Police. However, he seems to now have been released as he posted videos and is active on social media.

“The breach of security for yet another time by the same person at the current Test match at The Oval is most disturbing. The fact that this serial offender actually barged into Jonny Bairstow should wake the mandarins at the ECB to the dangers of a player being seriously hurt by such breaches of security,” Sunil Gavaskar wrote in his column for Mid-Day.

Not allowing troublemakers entry into the ground itself would be the best option: Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar
Sunil Gavaskar (Image Credit: Twitter)

The 72-year-old argued that such offenders should be banned from all cricket stadiums as now their identity is well-known. Jarvo has a YouTube channel with now over 130,000 subscribers; his Twitter account has more than 10,000 followers, ones which he has gained by posting videos of his transgressions.

Sunil Gavaskar reckoned the intruder has now gained the attention he wanted with his theatrics over the past month on the cricket field.

‘Jarvo 69’ cordoned off by security officials [Image- Twitter]

“Today, it is easy to identify potential troublemakers and especially someone who in the last few days has breached the security at an earlier venue. So not allowing them entry into the ground itself would be the best option. Fortunately, nothing untoward happened and the offender will probably be fined heavily, most of which will be covered by the wagers he would have won for doing what he did.

“Before these intrusions, nobody even knew his name or who he was. But now, after wearing a counterfeit India cricket team shirt and entering three cricket grounds, he is famous or rather infamous, but still known to Indian cricket lovers now,” the legendary opener concluded.

Meanwhile, for the real game at The Oval, India’s lead has crossed 200 by Lunch on Day 4. They, however, also lost three wickets – Ravindra Jadeja, Ajinkya Rahane, and Virat Kohli – in the first session.

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