Following Babar Azam, Pakistan assistant coach Azhar Mahmood set to take legal action against...

Published - 23 Jun 2024, 01:44 PM | Updated - 23 Jun 2024, 02:02 PM

Azhar Mahmood
Azhar Mahmood (Credits" X)

Pakistan assistant coach Azhar Mahmood is all set to initiate legal action against those spreading misinformation and alleging them of match-fixing.  

This comes weeks after the Pakistani team exited the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 in the USA and West Indies. The Men in Green had a pre-mature exit from the 20-team tournament and were among the 12 teams to get knocked out after the 1st round. Babar Azam's side were expected to reach the Super 8s but losses to co-hosts and bitter-rivals India made it impossible for them. 

The manner of Pakistan's exit from the T20 World Cup and the manner of their losses are being questioned. Many News outlets worldwide along with some notable YouTubers alleged the entire team of committing match-fixing in the WC. The fixing charges are something that has been associated with Pakistan but it's not exactly the case this time.

The Pakistan Cricket Board under Mohsin Naqvi's Chairmanship has informed their legal team to start the legal process. In the coming days, the PCB can file some defamation and send notices for compensation for spreading the rumours on social media. 

Azhar Mahmood to follow suit 

Pakistani assistant coach Azhar Mahmood is also set to take a similar route and take legal action against the liars. Mahmood, being a part of the coaching staff, was also alleged of been involved in fixing, the team committed during the Group stages. 

Azhar Mahmood and Gary Kirsten watched on as Pakistan first suffered a Super Over loss to the USA and then to India by just 6 runs. The former All-rounder is agitated by the allegations thrown towards him and the Pakistani team. Mahmood took to X (formerly Twitter) and slammed those who spread the misinformation online.  

He labelled this false accusation as ridiculous and dangerous for people and it is upsetting him and others who have been targeted. Azhar Mahmood claimed that speaking without any solid evidence should be considered a Crime and that he will be taking legal action as it has also been directed to his family.

“I have heard some false allegations and narratives circulating on social media and other media platforms. I categorically state that these allegations are entirely baseless and false, and it is extremely upsetting to hear them."

"This culture of falsely accusing and misleading people to believe a false narrative is now getting ridiculous and dangerous. Speaking without evidence and misconstruing facts is a criminal offence, and those engaging in such behaviour will be dealt with through legal action." - Mahmood wrote on X. 

Azhar Mahmood also slammed those who spread such lies on social media to gain followers and it is something "downright unacceptable". It will be interesting to see how the next few weeks in Pakistan cricket go in terms of legal actions and changes in the team.

"Pursuing an increase in followers and media attention by spreading falsehoods is downright unacceptable. I will be pursuing legal advice against those responsible for making these false allegations towards me and my family." - Azhar Mahmood concluded. 

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