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Travis Head’s wife Jessica reacted to the online abuse that she received after Australia won the ICC World Cup 2023. She stated that she reads every comment but ignores them as she has a filter that deletes negative comments. 

After Australia thumped India in the final of the ICC World Cup 2023, the Aussie players were subjected to online abuse by Indian fans. They sent unacceptable messages to players as well as their family members. 

Travis Head, who slammed a brutal century in the final against India, was the most targetted batter. The fans lashed out at him for defeating India. Things got even worse when fans sent threats to his wife and one-year-old daughter. 

Travis Head’s wife talked about her daughter and said that people who abused her don’t know how welcoming she is. Talking about the abuses, she stated in an interview with Sportstar: 

“I simply ignore it. I read every comment, but I have a filter that immediately blocks the negative comments. So, I don’t even see them. Milla has the most beautiful personality. She is so social, so welcoming, and so loving. 

“The trolls are people who have not been fortunate enough to meet her, because if they had, they wouldn’t be able to say bad things about her. She would have welcomed them with open arms, and in return, your heart would melt from the kindness.”

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India is a stunning country – Travis Head’s wife Jessica on online trolls 

Jessica further said that she hasn’t wasted her energy on the trolls. She also lauded Indian people for supporting them and also shared her experience in India. She added: 

“It does (get difficult sometimes). Travis doesn’t make any parties, weddings, or birthdays, so I’m often attending by myself. The highs and lows of cricket, I suppose. (But) Travis is the most supportive partner. Although he travels most of the year, he always manages to make sure his family is supported.” 

“I know 99.99 percent of people are so supportive and kind. I haven’t wasted any energy on the trolls. India is a stunning country. The culture and the people are so beautiful. I found the people incredibly welcoming towards babies. I loved how much the people welcomed Milla. I did a four-hour tour in Kolkata, and I loved how different life is there compared to Australia. It’s busy and colourful. There was so much music in the streets; I loved that. Mumbai was incredible as well. The food was amazing.” 

Travis Head played a magnificent innings in the final. He slammed 137 runs under pressure and single-handedly won the game for his team.

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